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non-blooming Kafir lily

non-blooming Kafir lily
Posted by bern ( from Quebec on 2005-07-20 03:38:00

I've had a kafir lily as an indoor plant for over 10 years and it has never bloomed. It is rootbound, watered when dry only, kept in difuse but bright light, fed regularly etc. The little rotter is pampered and cuddled and still won't cough up one lousy blossom. It's about two days away from becoming compost unless someone can help me and it out. Thanks for any advice
  • non-blooming Kafir lily
    Posted by Bill ( from Maryland zone 7 on 2005-12-23 12:19:00

    Getting these little buggers to bloom is a challenge... I started 25 years ago with 5 seeds and after giving away many plants, we still have over 30 with half of them blooming at least once a year. We keep ours in a southern window(s) in winter and put them out in summer after the last frost. All I can say is they bloom when they want to! And if you don't want your plant, send it to me - I have never met a kafir I didn't like...
    • non-blooming Kafir lily
      Posted by bern ( from QC on 2005-12-27 09:20:00

      Bill, I put the stupid thing out for the summer. I figured it was originally tropical so being outside might inspire some ancient urge to flower. No luck, instead the leaves burned to a crisp, too much sun is a bad thing. I visited my Mother who lives far west from here. She said all she does with her lily is just put it outside in the summer and bring it in before the frost and it blooms all the time (oh, shut up Mom). When fall rolled around my husband asked what I wanted to do with 'Cousin It' which now looks like an old tom cat that's loosing more fights that it wins. I had to bring It in: the plant won, it is more tenacious than I am, it won't bloom and I'll keep taking care of it.


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