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Announcing the 2015 All Things Plants Photo Contest!Announcing the 2015 All Things Plants Photo Contest!
By dave, November 14, 2015

Today we begin the second of our annual photography contests, and the contest is open for entries now. Break out your best photos for this year's contest!

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Eliminate Blisters from RakingEliminate Blisters from Raking
By Anderwood, November 13, 2015

If you have a favorite rake that gives you blisters, check out this tip to eliminate blisters.

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Eliminate Slugs and SnailsEliminate Slugs and Snails
By Rhapsody616, November 12, 2015

This cheap, easy, and very effective solution will keep your slugs and snails at bay.

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Plant Saucers Attract Bathing BirdsPlant Saucers Attract Bathing Birds
By Newyorkrita, November 11, 2015

Birds don't care if you keep it simple and don't spend money on fancy birdbaths.

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Observations on Daylily HybridizingObservations on Daylily Hybridizing
By DogsNDaylilies, November 10, 2015

Are you new to daylily hybridizing and looking for a few ideas? Or maybe you've hybridized before, but what you have isn't working as well as you wanted. I hope some of the things I've tried this year will work for you or give you ideas of your own to try. I'll be covering my experiences with different methods of labeling as well as my idea for harvesting and drying your seeds.

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A Wardian Case for GardenersA Wardian Case for Gardeners
By Dutchlady1, November 9, 2015

At an unplanned stop at a yard sale - I happened to just be driving by - I spotted this piece and immediately knew I wanted it, even though in our climate there is not much need for a Wardian Case.

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Chrysanthemums Rule! Mum's the Word!Chrysanthemums Rule! Mum's the Word!
By frankrichards16, November 8, 2015

This past year I took a deep dive into Chrysanthemum rubellums (Heirloom or Old Fashioned Mums). In Michigan, we had a hard frost in mid-October as usual, but several of my new mums are still in bloom. What's not to like about that?

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Bungee Cords for Non-Jumping ContainersBungee Cords for Non-Jumping Containers
By critterologist, November 7, 2015

After a pretty container of "Million Bells" blew off its perch and perished, I put my thinking cap on.

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Free Mini-Greenhouse and Plant TagsFree Mini-Greenhouse and Plant Tags
By Guybo, November 6, 2015

Recycling is something we should all do. Here it performs a useful purpose and costs us nothing.

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Hummingbirds, Beware the Yellow and Black Argiope Spiders!Hummingbirds, Beware the Yellow and Black Argiope Spiders!
By Gardenbees, November 5, 2015

There was an attempted murder off our porch this afternoon. A hummingbird became caught in the web of a large yellow and black Argiope spider!

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A Nice Rooting Environment for Large CuttingsA Nice Rooting Environment for Large Cuttings
By GordonHawk, November 4, 2015

Using an aquarium air bubbler is a fairly inexpensive way to speed up the rooting of larger cuttings.

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Fall DecorationsFall Decorations
By Paul2032, November 3, 2015

I like to have a little extra color for fall in the front garden, so I use natural items I can purchase. A few pumpkins placed strategically where they are easily seen from inside or outside of the house add a homey feel. Stage each one on a planter, pot, urn, or garden bench and add a few fall trimmings from around the yard to complete your display.

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Thistle: Don't Blame the Bird SeedThistle: Don't Blame the Bird Seed
By Chillybean, November 2, 2015

Bird watchers put out thistle for Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, and others. The small black seed is packed with the protein and fat the little birds need. When thistle starts sprouting in their yards, some determine to never use this feed again.

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An Ever-Changing LandscapeAn Ever-Changing Landscape
By TBGDN, November 1, 2015

When I was young (as in much young-er), it never occurred to me that the vast "hand-managed" landscape that I call "my yard" would ever become a thing of constant change. Looking back at old pictures reminds me of how trees, plants and grasses are living, ever-evolving things! Now that I've "arrived" at the threshold of "age and wisdom", I find that hindsight clearly is more revealing and accurate than foresight! I had previously written an article titled: "Some Thoughts On Garden Planning," which dealt primarily with managing volume, size, and workloads in gardening. This article involves primarily trees and the "involuntary" or "natural" events that can affect them. Whether we are city or country dwellers, we are sometimes faced with tough decisions concerning them.

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Pumpkin-Face Fun for HalloweenPumpkin-Face Fun for Halloween
By MissyPenny, October 31, 2015

If you enjoy feeding squirrels, and you would like to have a delightful yard "ornament" for Halloween, then this easy pumpkin face is a perfect fit. Let your little critter-artists design and create a zombie-face jack-o-lantern. Oh, what fun!

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ATP Podcast #99: Getting Gardening Done with Little ChildrenATP Podcast #99: Getting Gardening Done with Little Children
By dave, October 30, 2015

We are frequently asked, "How do we get it all done and have so many little children to care for?" In today's podcast, Trish and Dave share their thoughts on how to find time to garden when you have the constant time demands that babies or toddlers bring.

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Winterizing Dahlias in OregonWinterizing Dahlias in Oregon
By heartchild89, October 29, 2015

I live in Oregon in zone 8 and I LOVE dahlias and have had them for many years. For years I tried to dig them and store them as I was instructed, yet nothing worked and I always lost them. One year I was given some information about the rain being more of an enemy to my tubers than the freeze was.

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Securing a BirdbathSecuring a Birdbath
By Suga, October 28, 2015

Some birdbaths are fairly light weight, and they can tip over during windy weather or when the ground is a bit soggy. Here is one idea on how to solve that frustrating dilemma.

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Recycle and Make Fun Yard ArtRecycle and Make Fun Yard Art
By Cookies4kids, October 27, 2015

The rusty garden art that was so popular a few years ago is making a big comeback.

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Paint Your PineconesPaint Your Pinecones
By Suga, October 26, 2015

Have flowers that keep you smiling all winter long, and no water needed!

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How To Use Gravel for Mulching Small PlantsHow To Use Gravel for Mulching Small Plants
By parttimegardener, October 25, 2015

When I was getting tired of poking gravel with tweezers or toothpicks out of the rosettes of my sempervivums and jovibarbas after having applied fine gravel as a ground cover, I came up with a new method and applied plants to gravel rather than gravel to plants.

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Your Edible Garden, Autumn 2015Your Edible Garden, Autumn 2015
By awesomeblossom, October 23, 2015

Cool-season edible crops for mild climates

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Some Thoughts on Garden PlanningSome Thoughts on Garden Planning
By TBGDN, October 22, 2015

When it comes to garden planning (and planting), I can only speak for myself. I try to use self-discipline when it comes to managing the yards and gardens; and what is to be grown there, planted there, and removed from there. Also I think about what will save time, money, and work. With each passing year I give careful consideration to each of these, especially the "work" part!

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Attract Songbirds with Fruiting ShrubsAttract Songbirds with Fruiting Shrubs
By Newyorkrita, October 21, 2015

Many of us put seed out to attract backyard birds, but we can bring even more birds to the garden by adding summer fruiting shrubs.

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Video Presentation by Dave: Dealing with DirtVideo Presentation by Dave: Dealing with Dirt
By dave, October 20, 2015

Dave recently spoke to the master gardeners in Rusk County, Texas, covering topics related to soil: nutrients, pH, vermicomposting, hugelkultur, and much more. We recorded the lecture and present it to you now as a 45 minute video with audio from the event, along with the slides shown.

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