Sweet Road Salt

'Tis the season for ice and snow in most parts of the country. As any gardener knows rock salt used on roadways is effective at deicing the pavement. However, it also harms lawns and roadside plants. Gardeners and communities are always looking for alternatives to rock salt to use on roads and walkways.

Now a new product that is a by-product from alcohol distilling is being used in some communities in the Northeastern United States as a safer alternative. A Hungarian scientist at a vodka distillery first discovered Magic Salt. He noticed the retention pond that collected the sugary left over mash from the distilling process never froze in winter.

Researchers processed the mash into a brown syrup. When mixed with rock salt it enhances its the effectiveness allowing road crews to use less salt. On the road it helps rock salt adhere to the pavement and not bounce off the road. Magic Salt also melts ice at lower temperatures than the traditional l8°F of straight rock salt. Although rock salt with Magic Salt added is more expensive, its producers claim less is needed to keep roads clear and it is less harmful to the environment.

For more information on Magic Salt contact the Innovative Municipal Products (U.S.) at http://www.innovativecompany.com/news_articles.htm

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