Ultra Grow Container Liner

One of the pitfalls of growing plants in containers is improper watering. Containers can dry out quickly or be overwatered by Mother Nature or overzealous gardeners. While underwatered containers result in wilted and stunted plants, overwatered plants can die quickly due to root rot from the lack of oxygen.

While most containers have drainage holes, another way to insure proper soil moisture and oxygen levels is to place an Ultra Grow Container Liner in the bottom of a container before you add soil and plants. The liner features a water reservoir that can release moisture up into the root system over time. The reservoir contains 20 "weep holes" that can be opened or shut depending on the water needs of the specific plants. The liner also has 40 drainage and aeration slits on the sides that allow oxygen to reach into the bottom of the container, while helping drain excess water away from the roots. The edge flanges are built to bend and adapt to a variety of container sizes and shapes.

The Ultra Grow Liner is made from UV-protected plastic and can last for years. For more information go to: Modern House Design Group.

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