Fencing Out Slugs

Slugs are the bane of many a gardener's existence. There are many devices available to control slugs, from beer traps to toxic baits. Now there's a new product that uses the most basic barrier available ' a fence ' to keep slugs away.

SlugsAway is a 24-foot-long, 5-inch-tall aluminum mesh fence that repels slugs. The key is a weatherproof power pack driven by a single 9-volt battery that attaches to the fence. When slugs try to crawl up the fence, they get a mild shock and are sent packing. The voltage is so low, however, that pets, birds, and people don't even notice it when they touch the fence. Simply bury the fence 2 inches below the soil line (slugs can dig under fencing) and prop up the fence with the stakes provided. SlugsAway is large enough to protect a 4-foot by 8-foot bed.

For more information on SlugsAway, go to: Contech Company.

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