Simple, Safe Wasp Deterrent

Wasps and yellow jackets have a habit of ruining outdoor picnics and gatherings. They often build nests close to houses or in our yards and can become a nuisance when we try to use our outdoor living areas.

While there are many repellents and pesticide sprays on the market to control these insects, a new control device is safer and easier to use. The Waspinator is a 12-inch-tall, lightweight, fake wasp nest made from recycled polyester fabric. It takes advantage of the natural behavior of these insects. These are primarily visual creatures that use their keen sense of sight to catch their prey. They are also very territorial. If a wasp or yellow jacket sees another nest in an area, it will avoid that area and nest elsewhere. By hanging the Waspinator in your yard, you can keep wasps and yellow jackets at least 20 feet away. You may need more Waspinators for larger areas.

For more information about the Waspinator, go to: Waspinator.

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