Revised Book on Deer-Proof Gardens

Deer are capable of decimating a garden overnight and are the bane of many gardeners? existence. There are countless books, articles, Web sites, and products available to help control this pest. Other than a very tall fence, no single technique has proven 100% effective; usually a combination of deterrents works best. Now you can arm yourself with the latest information in your battle against Bambi with this newly revised book.

Creating a Deer Proof Garden, (Peter Derano, 2009; $40) covers the basics on deer control, including fencing, barriers, and repellent sprays. However, the bulk of the book is devoted to profiles of 117 plants the author has grown without significant damage from deer. Unlike other books that just give lists of deer-resistant plants, this book profiles the plants, complete with color photos. While the author acknowledges that no plant is completely deer-proof, he shows how you can minimize deer damage by using a combination of deer-resistant plants and deterrents.

For more information on this book, go to: : Creating a Deer Proof Garden

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