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Tomatoes in a Can (page 3 of 3)

by Beth Marie Renaud

6 Steps to a Fail-Proof Tomato System

After setup and planting, keep soil evenly moist. Later in the season, once plants are large, this likely means watering every day.

1. A 25- to 30-gallon container is large enough to support two full-size tomato plants. Place it in full sun, or where plants receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

2. Elevate the container above the soil to facilitate drainage and prevent disease organisms in the soil from reaching tomato roots.

3. Fill container to within 2 inches of rim with "soilless" potting mix, either commercially prepared or homemade.

4. Plant two tomato seedlings such as 'Celebrity' or 'Better Boy' (or one of each).

5. After planting, wrap the container with a section of 8-foot-tall steel reinforcing wire that has 6-inch openings. Measure the circumference of your pot first, and add about about 6 inches for overlap. Most pots need a piece about 8 feet long. Hold the ends in place with small wire ties.

6. Secure wire with two 8-foot-tall steel fence posts tied to the wire in at least two places.

Beth Marie Renaud is a former executive editor at National Gardening.

Photography by Sabin Gratz/National Gardening

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