Calendar of Events: Clinton County MO Master Gardeners Training

Event Date: Mar 20, 2017 9:54 AM - Jun 7, 2017 9:54 AM

If you are interested in Master Gardener classes being held at the Youth Building in Plattsburg MO, please contact ASAP. We need at least 6 people who are signed up. These classes would be taught by the two agronomists Tom Fowler and Tim Baker from Buchannan County, who would travel here, to teach the class. So we need a commitment if you are interested. They would be held in the evening, probably about 12 sessions, one night a week on Thursdays, starting in March from 6 to 9. Cost would be 110.00 per person or 195.00 a couple. If you know anyone who would be interested or has questions feel free to call the Clinton County Extension Office in Plattsburg OR email me.
One last word, please don't be concerned about the volunteer hours, even though your work, have a family, or just busy lives, the volunteer hours are easy.
Master Gardener Program
The University of Missouri Master Gardener program is a great way to learn gardening and other horticultural topics in depth. After the classes, Master Gardeners meet monthly to learn more about gardening.  They also serve the community through volunteer projects.
To become a Master Gardener, you don’t have to be an expert.  All that is required is an interest in gardening, and a desire to serve your community using your gardening skills. 
Before someone is certified as a Master Gardener, they must undergo extensive training for 12 sessions.  After an introductory class, Master Gardeners are taught about all aspects of gardening.  These three hour classes cover topics including plant growth, soils, diseases, insects, fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, and many others.
After they graduate, Master Gardeners are required to fulfill 30 hours of service to the community.  That’s really not too difficult.  Every month, Master Gardeners meet as a group, and come up with volunteer projects to work on.
Volunteer service can include many types of projects.  Many groups focus on beautification projects in their communities.  Some teach gardening knowledge through speaking or writing.  Youth gardening projects, and working with the elderly are good projects as well.  There are many other projects that are possible, and as long as it’s some type of community service, only your imagination is the limit.
Master Gardeners include adults of all ages and come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Some have extensive knowledge, and others come ready to learn.  But they all have two traits in common: a love of gardening and a desire to help others.

Take a look around.

251 E. 116 Hwy
Plattsburg MO, 64477

Contact Person: Joyce Vetter

Contact E-Mail:

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