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You can nominate your favorite tools using the button below and, when we have enough nominations, we'll compile a list and put it to a vote from the members! The winning tools will be featured in a nice "Favorite Tools of the Members" article.

For each of your favorite tools, we will need to know the name of the tool, plus a link to where we can read more about it on the web. The link can point to the product's page on a store like Amazon or a manufacturer's website. Everyone will be notified when nominations are done and it's time to vote.

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Current Nominations
Member Tool
@peakyard Peak Yard
@pinenuts4 The Earth Machine
@RichardNAdams Dreamley Gardening Blog
@m33jones2 2 prong hoe
@WillC Soil Sleuth
@eclose0923 36" Landscape Rake
@ZenMan Ken Onion Work Sharp Tool Grinder Attachment
@Marilyn Vermont Co. Organic Container Booster Mix
@quercusnut Fiskars Power Gear Pruner
@ZacSpade Bully Tools 16-Inch Bow Rake
@richardschmauss woodsman's pruning axe
@richardschmauss bamboo broom
@richardschmauss Telescoping pruning and fruit picking device
@Elizbeth Corona 24" Bypass Clippers
@NJBob Bulb Auger
@Herbert wheel hoe
@Richardis70 Rake Cultivator and Loop Hoe Combination
@dc0145a Cobra Head
@TBGDN Garden Cart
@valleylynn Bayers' All-In-One Pruner, Knife and Tool Sharpener
@Eric4home Flexrake Classic Flower & Vegetable Tiller
@pirl Harper hand truck 350 pound capacity
@csrain Okatsune Bypass Pruner 101
@canadanna A.M. Leonard soil knife
@echoes Hori Hori knife
@deejay49 BULB AUGER
@BoxTurtle mini by-pass clippers... pruning And woodland wanders!
@rositoes Cobrahead weeder and cultivator
@Maryl Felco Pruners #6 for smaller hands
@TBGDN Measureing Tape And Ruler
@crittergarden Felco 6 pruner
@crittergarden Florian ratchet loppers!
@TBGDN Digital Scale
@TBGDN Potato Fork
@frostycan my indispensable Felco 6 pruners
@frostycan my beautiful, perfect Schneeboer garden spade
@dragonfly53 Garden Kneeler
@dragonfly53 Garden Knife with Sheath
@TBGDN Garden Labels
@dirtdorphins Gloves
@Marilyn Vertex Original Comfort Garden Rocking Seat With Cover (look for it at Lowe's or other stores locally - green)
@Marilyn Yeoman Stainless Steel Hand Fork
@jmorth camera
@jmorth the ubiquitous garden stake
@Pistil Diggit 2
@Marilyn CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator
@Marilyn Comfort Grip Soil Scoops
@Marilyn Fiskars Garden Shears (8")
@Marilyn Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel
@Marilyn Corona Egrip 6-in Stainless Steel Hand Scoop
@Marilyn Corona Egrip 6.5-in Stainless Steel Multipurpose Garden Hand Tool
@Marilyn Ace® Scuffle Stirrup Hoe
@Marilyn For Inexpensive Large Outside Container Use 20 Gallon Plastic Tote Tub (Drill 8 Holes In Bottom Along The Rim)
@HamiltonSquare Razor Hoe
@Marilyn Y Stakes 24 Inch, 36 Inch & 47 Inch
@ardesia CobraHead Weeder
@droughttolerant Hori Hori Knife
@TBGDN Quality Steel Utility Rake: 12 Ga. Steel
@TBGDN 24-Tine-54-Inch- Leaf Rake
@TBGDN 3-Prong Right Angle Cultivator
@TBGDN Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader
@TBGDN Ames Action Hoe
@TBGDN Chapin 20002 2-Gallon Lawn and Garden Sprayer
@valleylynn Pocket Hose
@Cem9165 Bulb dibber
@vic Garden Claw
@Marilyn Extra Long Telescoping Watering Wand
@cliftoncat Felco secateurs
@cliftoncat pick up rake
@Marilyn Weedcomb
@Marilyn Brent and Becky's Garden Knife with Sheath
@cliftoncat Japanese Hori Hori knife
@Marilyn Ace Rear Trigger 7 Position Nozzle (Rear Thumb Control)
@Marilyn Ames Floral Shrub Rake
@Marilyn 11 Gallon Tub Trug
@Marilyn OXO Good Grips Outdoor Pour & Store Watering Can
@Marilyn Radius PRO Stainless Border Fork
@Marilyn OXO Good Grips Transplanting Trowel
@Marilyn Handy Weeder/Cultivator
@Marilyn OXO Good Grips Trowel
@Kabby Hand trowel
@abhege Cobrahead weeder
@pirl Cobrahead weeder/cultivator
@pirl Steel rake that expands
@pirl Fiskars Weeder
@DebbieC Garden Bandit Weeder
@Wes Solid Steel Nursery Spade
@Bonehead Ho-Mi hand plow
@Dutchlady1 Bond trowel
@ZenMan Prohoe Rogue 7-inch field hoe
@Cuzz4short Folding Pruning Saw
@Cuzz4short Steel Spading Fork
@Moonhowl soil knife and pruners with sheath
@webesemps 6 inch long tweezers
@Claudia Garden Trowel
@jmorth short spade with D handle
@farmerdill Gooseneck hoe
@jvdubb Cobrahead
@valleylynn Old wooden handled steak knife
@valleylynn Classic Cut® Bypass Pruner - 1/2 in
@evermorelawnless Cordless Reciprocating Saw (pruning)
@blue23rose Razor-Back 4-Tine Digging Fork
@mom2goldens Stainless steel soil knife
@molanic OXO Good Grips Gardening Weeder
@SongofJoy Winged Weeder Junior
@KentPfeiffer Hori Hori Knife
@robertduval14 B&D Mini Round-Point Shovel
@woofie Cutco Garden Trowel
@Horntoad Nejiri Gama Hoe
@dave WW Shovel
@dave Dura Rake
@dave King of Spades Balling Spade
@dave Weed Dragon
@dave Cape Cod Weeder
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