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Posted on Aug 8, 2014 5:52 AM

I'm finishing up the big volume II Crustaceans book; I got the ok to finish up the big International Law book in a week (all I need to do is revise the notes), and I think (Possibly) I may finally be getting not quite caught up but at least not too far behind in the office work, which is great as far as I'm concerned.

Looking forward to getting some things done this weekend. I'd like to cut the grass down in the "corner" and really get that whole big area up to the where the old apple tree was cleaned up (mostly that means cutting the tall grass). Once that's done, I can see what the next step should be...I know I need to dig out the remaining daff bulbs from around the tree stump.

I'm also hoping to make a run up the mountain and get at least a few more buckets of stones and another big (REALLY BIG THIS TIME) load of mulch. I'm taking along a tarp to cover the mulch. I've been afraid to really pile it into the truck because I don't want it blowing off as I drive and annoying other drivers, but really...if I'm going to make that long drive, I should really get as much as i can. So I'm taking along a cover.

yesterday, I got "the corner" sprayed with Roundup...then I also sprayed along the south border, going down the hill toward the veg garden. I'm trying to keep that edge clean. I still feel guilty about spraying instead of hands and knees weeding, but until I get this place under some sort of control, I just have to do it.

Got the 4 bargain plants popped into the veg garden as a temporary hold...that's the red honeysuckle, the pink wisteria, the dappled willow, and the red dogwood. This way I wont be rushed about where to plant them permanently.

Also...and this is a small but important thing...I finally transferred my garden hand tools to a covered plastic bucket instead of the open one I'd been using. Don't know what took me so I can safely leave the bucket outside at a work area without fear of it getting full of rainwater. One of those small things that will probably save me HOURS over the course of a summer.

I have said this before, but I'm seriously thinking of it again....I should sketch out each section of the garden and at least make notes of what's planted where. I moved some iris earlier this summer and dang if i can remmeber exactly what color they were and where they are!

The hostas and ferns (also Lowe's bargains) that I put into the front bed are doing well. I'm looking forward to dividing and putting in a few more hostas there, plus some shady plants from the Pond circle...which is really getting overcrowded. Lots of new plants to find homes for!

Must remember also to dig out the "moss circle" and retrieve the bulbs and lily of the valley there. That corner is scheduled for a major overhaul so I'd like to get the usable stuff out of there before I tear into it. That will probably be happening this winter.

Well, I've got to get the 2 kittens to the vets....this should be fun.

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