LysmachiaMoon's blog: Auxiliary Garden is ready for onions

Posted on Apr 6, 2015 7:01 AM

Spent most of Easter Sunday in the office, working to meet a deadline. But I did take a break to go up and clean off the Auxiliary Garden. I decided that it will be my onion patch this year (it's been tomatoes for the past 2 years). I just cleaned out the weeds. I don't think I'll do anything else, just pop in the onion sets. I might scatter some compost over it first.

***WEIRD ....the phone rang just now. It was a recording from the IRS. They have been trying to reach me. They are filing a lawsuit against me. I should call immediately. Hmmm. That's odd. Because I just talked to the IRS last week over another matter and the lady there told me that my account otherwise looked fine (I had an erroneous change of address that I wanted corrected). And isn't it odd that the IRS should not be able to reach me? They have my mailing address. They have my phone number. They have my accountant's phone number and mailing address. Yes, yes. and odd too that the phone number is not the IRS toll free number. And doncha think that something as important as a lawsuit would warrant a live phone call? Not a recorded announcement? I think I will wait and see if I get a lawsuit in the mail. Hmmm....wouldn't the IRS issue an audit BEFORE they went ahead and sued someone? Yeah boy. ****

Anyways, Today is going to be super busy because now that I got that huge book deadline met, I have all these other projects stacked up behind it, like a log jam. I'd like to try to get that cleared away before anybody starts to bark.

Our weather is absolutely lovely. I've got daffs coming on now, the crocus are in full splendor and it's amazing how, overnight, the lawn went from brown to green. So wonderful to see green again!

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