evermoredorphins's blog: 9 April 2015 - at sunrise after the rain

Posted on Apr 9, 2015 10:32 AM

I didn't mean to shoot this morning. But the light looked pretty good and it had just rained. Then I was only going to post five shots because walls of photos seem daunting. Then, when I saw what I came up with, I got way too lazy to choose. I shot 86 sets of 3 (exposure bracketing) and here are 45.

I try to work on something new every day. Today the point was to crop with the camera. So of the 45 here, I think only 4-5 of them I cropped after the fact. The rest are all full-sized shots. I'm a little red-green colorblind, too, so I'm having fits with editing...in that I really, really don't want to have the stuff look like it came out of Disney Studios.

Maybe one day I'll develop a little discernment with posting...but that's part of why I put stuff in the blog and not elsewhere (much).

Here we go:

Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/35f468 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/4a6a65 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/05eee6 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/4ef91c Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/3164b5 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/7d389a Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/16b1dd Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/4347f2 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/2770b3 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/0a03d5
Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/0d4d69 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/219f76 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/84140d Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/6fe3f6 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/69908a Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/c4b8bd Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/6dd1ae Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/8d7122 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/df0a24 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/0492a0 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/0531f4 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/6152ae Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/a87600 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/60e286 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/bc8c03
Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/08648e Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/23661e Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/a7a7e2 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/802e30 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/b9911a Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/dbb28a Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/7647d7 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/ae5feb Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/51534e Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/fec2b2 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/b1109d Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/edec29 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/e4173a Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/dc5335 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/b7dd33 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/4c4303 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/c57008 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/c52d00 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/e469d9 Thumb of 2015-04-09/evermoredorphins/c19dad

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