evermoredorphins's blog: 2015.04.23 - kit lens stuff

Posted on Apr 23, 2015 1:42 PM

My brother-in-law and I were chatting yesterday (or was it early AM today?) about kit lenses vs. prime lenses and potential outcomes, etc. So today I went out and shot this lot with a Pentax DA-L 55-300mm lens. I shot on manual and most if not all are at: f/8, ISO 200, 1/750. The focal lengths varied from 150mm to 300mm, I think. The biggest problem was not waving the lens around. These are some of the quasi-keepers from a ten minute experiment. The dandelion ones look TONS better full size for some reason. Here's another wall of stuffs:

Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/773f23 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/4a6666 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/7eb440 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/4f3972 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/ec4e41 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/bc1ce3 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/75bd0e Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/e34570 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/806a14 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/ba912d Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/f5b42f Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/02c29f Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/eaa5eb Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/a2c545 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/348f40 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/806326 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/896aae Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/cb7a00 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/ea7cd2 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/075fd6 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/994ead Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/7fbeed Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/54c84d Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/a9fcec Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/a516c1 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/a14a9e Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/2c1faa Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/8622c8 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/1880c6 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/b40af8 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/dbe77b Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/a39608 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/043dd2 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/8a17e6 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/318d09 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/7c7562 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/bfbbf1 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/18f4c9 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/7e9168 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/06f6ea Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/75e6da Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/ab7d19 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/07f421 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/401673 Thumb of 2015-04-23/evermoredorphins/dd872b

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