LysmachiaMoon's blog: Final touches to bog garden

Posted on May 11, 2015 9:14 AM

The bog garden is looking good. I've got a nice layer of woodchip mulch down and I'm so pleased to see that the camassia that I got on discount last fall are not only up and blooming (blue) but looking very happy. hardy hibiscus that i got for nothing at the landfill last summer is ALIVE! ALIVE I TELL YOU! I had two of them and the other one for some reason came completely out of the ground a month or so ago, just a dried dead stick. I assumed the worst for the remaining one, but after reading Glengarry's blog, where he recommended waiting before assuming a hibiscus had put on the robes of righteousness, I I bided my time and now there are big healthy green shoots coming up. THANK YOU GLENGARRY!

I snagged a nice pot of pale yellow yarrow at Lowe's the other was mislabeled as Terra Cotta and apparently this was enough to discount it from $8-9 to $3. Ok by me. The color is exactly right for the bog garden (for the dry "rim" of the garden) so in it went. Also got a Sambucus (elderberry)...some unnamed/unknown thing...for $1. I'll find a spot for it...somewhere.

The lady did come for the 10 forsythia so another $10 in the garden kitty. I felt bad for her because she was driving her son's 2014 all black Challenger (what a beast) and don't you know, she said she stopped to ask for directions and a woman's dog jumped up and scratched the paint. Not badly (it'll buff out), but still....

This morning, after putting down the mulch on the bog, I got 3 Romas planted in the veg...I'm not very happy with them, but we'll see. I also got a Carolina Gold tomato into a big pot with a sweet pepper plant and put them up here near the deck. This is the first time I've tried growing tomatoes/peppers in pots, so we'll see. I also popped 4 nice pepper plants into the bog garden. Pepper plants are so nice and decorative they'll look good in there for the summer. Since the bog is so new, a lot of the plants are pretty small so I do need some "fill in". I think I'll try to get the rest of the tomatoes in either late this evening or early tomorrow. The heat is very high right now...we're well into the 80s, which is about 10 F higher than normal. Plus, we've got clear skies and no rain for over a week (except for a passing thundershower about 5 days ago). I'm starting to worry.

Oh, also, Saturday was spent Laocoon (sp? That greek guy with the snakes...?) like, wrestling out the 11 (count em...ELEVEN) hoses that make up my spiderweb of a watering system. Got them all out and hooked up and laid out. I replaced one of those terrible cheap plastic-y things, but I think I should probably buy at least one more 100 foot hose so I can reach the farthest reaches of the newer garden areas. That is the trouble with this big property...getting water where I need it. I wish I had a 2nd water source, like a spring or a well, but don't. Still, this weird hose layout works pretty need a map to figure it out (seriously, I have a map), and a minor degree in hydraulics to understand all the dividers and switches, but it works.

One thing that I really would like to do is run an underground hose conduit up the hill from the deck to the Top Border. I don't know if I can because I'm pretty sure I'll run into big roots from the maples and ridge rock. But it sure would make life easier. Maybe just a short one to the maple tree bed.... I also need to put up posts with hose hangers in strategic locations... Another thing for the to-do list.

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