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Posted on May 31, 2015 7:30 PM

Hard to believe May has come and gone already. I look forward every year to the early spring days before it gets too hot and here it is already the end of May and any cool weather. Nice in the garden this morning, got another thunderstorm late this afternoon, the streets were full of water.

I managed to get all the grass mowed again, the weeds seem to be in decline at the moment, that is pretty amazing with all the rain we have had. Every morning I go out and dead head the daylilies, and pull the yellow streaked leaves, and weed as I go along. Yet yesterday I found a couple of huge two foot tall weeds, how I missed them from the tiny sprout stage to huge is amazing.
I managed to pick up a truck load of grass clippings this morning, half bagged and half just piled beside the road. I mixed them in with the shredded leaves I have pile up and in no time flat I had the truck unloaded and the grass and leaves all in a pile. That pile was already smoking hot when I added this new batch of grass clippings.

I have been harvesting Amaryllis seeds for the past month or more, and today I decided I would just go ahead and plant two rows of them in the upper part of the vegetable garden. I already had some cutting from my confederate rose there, it looks like all of them have taken and have new growth sprouting out. I don't know how many seeds I planted, but guessing I would say well over a hundred. I know if any of them germinate, I will loose most of them along the journey to becoming mature plants, still I should get at least a few good plants out of that batch.
Don't really know what I would do with hundreds of Amaryllis, but a few dozen I could manage.
My hostas are starting to bloom already, seems like that came early this year. I hope to get many more seeds this year. I only have nine hosta seedlings left from the seeds I planted last year. They are sitting in a flat on the back porch railing.
I have been so wrapped up in the daylilies that I have pretty much failed to take photos of much else in the garden. I need to pay more attention to the other plants. Nearly all of my Gladiolus have blown over because I failed to stake and tie them.
Well, it was a good day for blooms in the garden today, and it got me to thinking about the next order of daylily plants. I would love to be able to place and order and get some new plants in the ground before the end of the year. They will of course have to be cheap ones, I am still in the 3-10 dollar range. I am really surprised that none of the 25 seedlings I bought back in March or early April have sent up any scapes yet, seems to me they are growing pretty slowly.
Now everyday I have hundreds of blooms in the garden, but here are just a few of the ones opened today.
Carnival In Mexico:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/97131c
Fooled Me:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/db4f69

Prairie Blue Eyes:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/691ab7
Corryton Pink:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/87cb82

Joylene Nichole:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/cd7073
Lime Frost:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/cd9e19

Tuscawilla Tigress:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/080d6b
Sunday Gloves:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/25230e
Spanish Glow:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/593e36
Primal Scream:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/b9cd57
Magic Lake:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/bfbada
Scarlet Gown:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/44423d
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/2559ee
My red NOID:
Thumb of 2015-06-01/Seedfork/9f2fb5

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