LysmachiaMoon's blog: Folly wall Face #1 nearly done

Posted on Jun 25, 2015 7:39 AM

Well, it's a far cry from saying the Folly Wall is done, but I slapped on a few more rocks on the west face of the first wall and I'm ready to say that section is pretty near done. I still need to fill in a few small empty spots and grout the gaps but I think I can safely start to move the pile of rocks and construction stuff over and begin clearing up the area in front of the wall to start making it into part of the garden. There's still SO MUCH more to do on that project, but at least, slow as it is, I am making some progress. Working with those manufactured stones is so much faster and easier than working with natural rock...

I keep some masonry supplies up there under a big piece of heavy rubber matting. When I pulled it up to get at my supplies, I tumbled out a pretty sizable milk snake. He was sleeping in a wadded up garbage bag. He was still pretty sleepy so he just laid there looking dazed. Then yawned (yes, snakes yawn) and slowly slithered out into the tall weeds. Milk snakes are harmless but they can be scary...there's always that moment when I think "Milk Snake? Copperhead?" When I'm scared, its' sometimes hard to see clearly, but the key is that milk snakes have more or less BANDS around their body and copperheads have TRIANGLES. The colors can be pretty similar. Plus, milk snakes can really put on a show if they are very frightened. I've seen them coil up and quiver their tail tips like a rattlesnake (only no rattle, no noise). Which is terrifying...even if you know it's just a milk snake! At that point, I'm usually sprinting for the house....If anyone had a stopwatch on me, I bet I'd break Olympic records.

The one and only time I've ever actually come face to face with a rattlesnake was something never to be forgotten...or (hopefully) repeated. He was basking on the ramp to a tool shed on a property I owned in another town. It was a year when the cicadas were very active, very loud, with that intense buzzing noise just everywhere. There must be some kind of inborn human instinct about snakes though because although I had never seen or heard a rattler in real life (only on tv), even with all that cicada noise I froze in my tracks and my brain was saying "what is that sound?" OMG....there he was...HUGE. I was still quite far away so not in any danger but it was a nightmare moment. He was so big when he uncoiled to run away he actually FLOPPED out of his coils. At that point, the next thing I remember is pulling the car over about a mile down the road *LOL*. no lie. I have no memory of sprinting for the car and driving away, but that's what I did!

Many months later my husband (who told me I was probably exaggerating the size of the snake) found its shed skin beside the tool shed. *gulp* I was NOT exaggerating.


The Storybook Garden is looking good, but oh boy...wild. Not so much weeds as just everything growing at such a pace in all this rain and hot weather. I wish I could say "I"ll spend a couple of days up there" but I just can't....I've got editing projects piled up and I need to keep my head down and working. I am still trying to get outside very early (6:30-7a.m.) for an hour or two of much needed garden work and that is at least getting a bit done, but there's no taking days off to work outside right now...which is very frustrating because I would rather be hauling wheelbarrow loads of stinky manure in the garden than working at a desk.

Better watch what I say....might get what I ask for *LOL*.

Yesterday I harvested a bucket of peas and removed the plants. There's no second crop coming in this heat. While the peas were still growing, I planted 4-5 tomatos into that bed and now that the peas are gone, the tomatoes can take over. It seems to be a good system.

I really should get some compost onto the sweet corn. It's growing well, but probably could use a feed. Plus, the hen run needs cleaned out and there's the best fertilizer for corn. Come autumn and cool weather, I think I may just tear apart the hen run and redo the whole thing. The wire is starting to rust and sag pretty badly after ....hmmm...quite a few years... and I'd like to get some sort of "lid" or roof over it. Needs a new door too. I'd like to make it a bit more attractive while I'm at it as well.


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