LysmachiaMoon's blog: Too much office work, not enough gardening

Posted on Jul 2, 2015 5:31 AM

I just in a bind with the office work. it keeps pouring in, I try to say no and they plead and whine and I have to say well, ok. Then I think "what the heck did I get myself into?" i spent all day again yesterday at my desk, with only a 1 hour break to go for a walk. I should have worked in teh garden but by that time I was so tired and sort of dazed I just wanted fresh air and MOVEMENT.

Today, I am definitely making some garden time. I'd like to get some "grunt work" done like weeding the onions in the aux garden (R never did plant pumpkins in the 2nd half of that it's all weeds. That's ok. Somewhere to pile the weeds I pull out from the onions.) Anywas, I should do that but I think instead I will do something I really like doing, something more relaxing. Maybe just take the secateurs with me and do some much needed deadheading and pruning. The little "jungle garden" at the bottom of the deck steps is living up to its name....the elephant ears (colocasia) are HUGE. Starting them early indoors was definitely a good idea. The canna (thanks Seedfork!) are up and growing tremendously, and the mimosa is in full bloom. I need to cut back the mimosa a bit because the drooping branches are starting to screen the elephant ear. I also need to plant that pot of striped grass in there.

I'd also like to start moving the "construction rocks" away from the folly wall. There's still a couple of spaces that need filled on the wall and I need to grout it, but I'd like to get the mess cleared away so I can start making that area a garden bed. The first thing I need to do is bring in some compost/soil to raise up the level a bit. Then a thick layer of rotting mulch and hopefully by next spring I can start planting...or even late fall.

I really should take an hour (or 2 or 3) and browse for iris, dahlias, and daylilies. I'd like to get more varieties.

Still no beans to pick but little tiny baby ones are starting to form on the bean poles. Some very small summer squash also forming. We had a very good year for black raspberries considering this is the first year for that patch and that we lost a good bit to the rainy weather/mold. Next year should be really good!

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