LysmachiaMoon's blog: Riley the "mystery illness" cat passes away

Posted on Jul 8, 2015 11:26 AM

Well, whatever it was that was wrong with Riley, it finally came to a tragic end. She had been on this up and down course since February...sometimes nearly back to normal for a couple weeks at a time, then spells of stiffness, weakness. Her last "good time" was about a week ago, when, for about a week, she was nearly back to normal. Jumping up onto the window sill to survey her "kingdom," greeting me at the door wanting her meals. Then last Monday she started to get wobbly and when she started hiding under the office sofa I knew we were in for another bad spell. She was not too bad though, and Monday she was back to nearly normal, able to walk around with just a little weakness and eating well. Yesterday morning she seemed good, ate her meals,, then around 7:30 p.m. I heard a thump and ran into the office to find her in a seizure (which we had never seen before). She recovered after a minute and seemed ok, so we decided to wait and see. By about 9:30, she had another one...and this one wouldn't stop. Rushed her to the Emergency Vet and they did all they could but could not stop the seizing. The doctor there listened to her history and we all agreed that it was pointless to keep trying...we'd tried everything since February...steroids, antibiotics, supplements, even therapeutic massage... It was a difficult decision, but we had her put down and now at least I know she's not in pain and it's over. But what a long and exhausting battle it has been! The worst thing is, nobody is yet sure what exactly was wrong. The emergency vet said she' suspected a brain tumor, but wasn't sure when she heard of the up and down course. So, we'll never know. I hope we never have to go thru this again!

Got next to no sleep last night, but spent the morning hauling mulch around and just generally trying to keep busy. I can't believe what a mess my garden shed is...I had it looking great in the spring, but over the course of the summer, stuff just piles up in there. One of these rainy days, I'll need to get in there and get it organized.

A happy coincidence: A pink Dahlia I bought at WalMart is blooming next to a red honeysuckle I bought on clearance last year at Lowe's and they are almost exactly the same color...looks great together. THey're both still in the nursery bed, so when I move the honeysuckle to it's permanent location, I'll have to remember to pair it with the dahlia.


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