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Posted on Jul 9, 2015 10:58 AM

Two newest additions came home yesterday, the one on the left is a Speckled Sussex and the light one is a Blue Orpington. They are so sleepy from the trip home. Lovey dubby
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The 3 weeks olds, lots of pretty feathers coming in and look at those big feet! nodding
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Doggie TV remains popular, especially now with the newest additions. (enlarge to see doggie #2) We have the new ones separated for just a few days with the window between the boxes, just to get them settled in a bit, then we'll open it up so they can all intermingle.
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A cabinet has been added to the back of the coop, it houses an automatic waterer, complete with a filter and an automatic feeder is being completed to be added next. We'll store all food and supplies in here too.
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My white abutilon is attractive to the local hummers.
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The shed's window box is filling in.
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The cilantro (my husband's, I can't stand the smell or taste!) is so tall it's hanging over the raised beds, nice blooms but I'm not getting any closer for pictures! Thumbs down Hilarious! Did you know that the dislike of cilantro is a genetic thing according to research?
There is even a "I Hate Cilantro' Facebook page!
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/fdb93f

OK, back to the pretty smelling stuff: Green Grin!

Helen Hayes
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/0ee18b

Apricot gladiolus
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/3b0d69 Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/69c2df

A tall apricot lily
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/aa08d9

Rainbow Over Georgia
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/92ec57 Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/c3d19f

South Africa (detect a color theme going on here?!) Green Grin!
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/5ca826

Frequent Comment with a few blooms of Russian sage on it.
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/87c945

A David Austin rose, William Shakespeare 2000
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/e2d5e6 Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/987839

Point of View
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/44ee52

Another Austin rose, Tradescant, with Caryopteris 'Worcester Gold' and Physocarpus 'Coppertina', looking really dark on this overcast day. (not the sharpest shot)
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/1cb479

Aaron Brown (which happens to be my sons name) Rolling my eyes.
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/d975b8

Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/4dfa78

Begonia boliviensis
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/a1a2d2

Osteospermum '3Dâ„¢ Purple'
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/c64347 Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/25109d

A combo with a gold Weigela on the left, a russian sage, geranium 'Brookside', the white alstromeria and Hebe (Veronica franciscana 'Variegata') in the foreground with a blooming echeveria.
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/a9ed9d

I took a quick shot of the Brookside geranium and caught the bee mid flight.
Thumb of 2015-07-09/Calif_Sue/c104b3

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