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Posted on Jul 30, 2015 12:09 PM

This morning as I went down to the garden I could feel a slight difference in the air, the feel that maybe fall weather is not that far away, Well, only about two months!
Some of my plants were looking pretty ratty and weathered so I got the wheelbarrow and starting trimming and pulling. Pulled up some cleome, and a bed of zinnias. I took the bare tops off two cold frames and pulled the plants and weeds out of them and worked the soil. I wanted to move the tops down to the bog where the new daylilies were planted in an effort to put a little shade over the new plants and to try and scare the critters out of the garden (something new-a frame with a sheet over it) the critters have been getting pretty ambitious and digging my plants out of the ground again. I already had one cold frame top down there with a sheet over it and it seems to be working for both shade and as a scarecrow.
I baited my trap with catfood (haven't caught a cat yet), but no sign of anything over the past two nights and no damage in the beds either. Even though up by the garden shed there has been lots of digging activity.
I wanted to clear out some area anyhow so opening up the area of the faded plants served two purposes. I have made a purchase of one dollar daylilies and wanted to have a place to put them when they arrive. I ordered 24, and they are named cultivars...only I won't know what the names are. So I will have another season of name guessing ahead of me next spring...still working on a couple from last year.
Only saw one large butterfly in the garden this morning, I did get a photo of him. I took my camera back down to the garden this morning in hopes of catching a pair of deer (Buck and doe) that have been hanging around down there lately. I thought all the house construction behind me would scare them away, but they just ignore it. I practically had to go up and ask them to leave before they even moved. Then the day before that, I saw a beautiful Indigo Bunting (I see them about once a year) and no camera. So I took the camera but only got the butterfly and a few flower photos.
Thumb of 2015-07-30/Seedfork/5d83ff Thumb of 2015-07-30/Seedfork/6c37cc

My pepper plants are still doing good and producing.
Thumb of 2015-07-30/Seedfork/216c18
The Confederate Rose cuttings I started:
Thumb of 2015-07-30/Seedfork/ecc026
Formosa Lilies:
Thumb of 2015-07-30/Seedfork/371681 Thumb of 2015-07-30/Seedfork/7a7f0e

'Peruvian Daffodil'
Thumb of 2015-07-30/Seedfork/d2c1c4 Thumb of 2015-07-30/Seedfork/976ed7

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