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Posted on Aug 2, 2015 6:07 PM

Been a while since I have had a chance to get some photos posted. In-laws have been here 2 weeks and they have been a great help in the garden, my father-in-law was out every day fixing bender boards along the pathways and scraping the crushed granite paths clear of weeds and leveling them and helping hubby with the finishing touches on the coop. Below he is working on an area that we will be making into a small patio by adding used bricks to, if they weren't leaving tomorrow, he probably would have it all laid by the end of the week! He just can't sit still. The planter box to the left of him will be for strawberries and herbs, to be planted next year.
My mother-in-law clipped spent rose and other blooms every day, watered the pots and enjoyed puttering around the garden. And they are both in their early 80"s! They have a large vegetable garden at home so they are used to the daily activity, keeps them young!

Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/03a092 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/029e75

The 6 week old and 3 week old chicks went out into the coop last Monday and they really seem to enjoy the run. I bring them bug treats from the garden and they greet me at the gate every time I approach.
I found this corrugated metal chicken at a local nursery and hubby attached it to the coop door.
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/76ff53
Here comes the gang! Lily is so funny, always stretching her neck to check things out!
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/1848f1 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/165e5d Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/fb0fff
The two littlest are last to step out
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/22baa6 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/bd4056

Kasey takes keen interest in the girls, they only take a mild interest in the dogs.
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/7dacae Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/19d98a

A few garden shots:
I got some bark chips down in the new garden area, the amaranth self seeded everywhere and I pulled several but left these.
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/0e4765 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/db4b89 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/efb9eb

This golden South Africa rose looks lovely between the lavender Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae 'Skyscraper') and the blue blooms of Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus 'Shoal Creek')

Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/19455f Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/25309c Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/292d1b

Crocosmia, this golden one named 'George Davison' and Russian sage in the first shot. The crocosmia was almost wiped out by a gopher last year but they are tenacious and obviously made a complete comeback!
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/5dc1c7 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/e776fe

Hard to tell in this shot but the grape on the left has reached over to the rose on the right and I have to duck to walk under it now.
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/780004

Love the lush grape vine on the old wood arbor, this is the one that has clusters of grapes hanging everywhere.
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/80272d Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/290f59
Summer Song rose is planted next to it, see those grapes in the first shot?!
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/256e3e Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/73fafc

Tiger Woods and Salmon Star
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/500db7 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/34cff9

Tradescant rose backed by a dark ninebark
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/7ed58a

Jeri Jennings rose with crocosmia
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/f14feb

St. John's Wort (Hypericum Hypearls™ Madelon)
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/f359b1 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/43cd30

Rose critters
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/c05d22

Leycesteria formosa Golden Lanterns with an orange crocosmia and Melianthus major
Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/427acd

Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/e0fc8d Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/7b64a6 Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/fc13ca

Thumb of 2015-08-02/Calif_Sue/7d5559 Thumb of 2015-08-03/Calif_Sue/54a80b
Thumb of 2015-08-03/Calif_Sue/0495da Thumb of 2015-08-03/Calif_Sue/0f011d

Thumb of 2015-08-03/Calif_Sue/03a250

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