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Posted on Jan 22, 2016 10:35 PM

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It snowed last night. And all day long. Rarely do our predictions come true and this one was no exception. The weather guys said 5 inches, maybe 6. By morning it was long past those marks. And it was so beautiful. Sunshine the Diva Wonder Dog took one look and started dancing, one of those dances she makes up as she goes along. This one included standing on her back legs, twirling around, knocking over chairs, upturning her water bowl and generally kissing whatever part of me she could reach with each jump. She was that happy. She was so happy I had to sit on her to get her cable attached.

Then she frolicked her way off the deck with a great and mighty leap and on around the yard like a miniature kangaroo or perhaps an overgrown frog on a 30 foot cable.

It's been a long time since we had a snow this deep, maybe the late 70s and that one stayed and stayed and stayed, non stop snow and was as deep as my 4 year old son was tall. We ended up having to teach on several Saturdays just to make up some of those snow days at school. I hated teaching on Saturdays, and the students hated being there. It's much better now that the powers that be have built snow days into the school calendar. I'm glad I'm not teaching anyway, though I loved it at the time, except for those Saturdays.

Last week I had about 6 inches of snowdrops showing, sedum was in that pretty green rosette stage. A dandelion bloomed a couple of weeks ago. Irises were up. Daylilies too. We have strange weather in Western Kentucky, it's unpredictable and even the plants seem to know that. I'm glad we have snow, we already had so much rain I don't think there's room beneath the earth for anymore. It wasn't long ago it rained so much earthworms had floated up onto my driveway; that was in early January, not long after Christmas.
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It's been exactly a year since my body and I had the Great Heart Event, GHE for short. I say my body and I because it seemed that I had absolutely no control over the incident nor have I had much control over the recovery; my body was working against me just as if it were a separate entity. Hard to believe it's been a year and only within the past month have I felt anywhere near normal. That one incident somehow affected the entire work force that belongs to my body. It hasn't been fun. But it's a new year and tomorrow is a new day and maybe if I erase the bad stuff and try it all over again, this will be a much better year.

Speaking of . . . at the request of some friends scattered around here and there, I wrote the story of the GHE just as it happened, complete with psychedelic face and fiercely blackened eyes and an eyebrow that continues to have a lump on it, even now. Here's a link to the story; if you are squeamish, don't look at the pictures but I've been told that knowing the symptoms might be important to those women who read it. Truth is, our symptoms are unlike those that men have even with the same condition.

So here's to a new year, a better year, even if W KY is covered from head to toe in snow. May this new year bring us all that we need for our gardens and for our hearts.

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