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Posted on Feb 3, 2016 8:13 AM

This time of year, with heavy rain coming down over almost 2 weeks worth of heavy snow cover, it's so easy to dream of all the things I want to do in the garden this spring. Enforced idleness breeds big ideas. I want to widen the "long border" along the wooden fence; it's only about 4 feet wide now and I'd like to expand it out to at least 6 feet wide. I'd like to dig a new "mirror" border directly across from it, along the west side of the Veg garden fence. That would leave a nice strip of grass down the middle where I've planted the replacement cherry tree and hope to put in a couple more fruit trees; a sort of mini orchard.

I'm hoping to haul in at least 4 more loads of horse manure as soon as the weather permits. Also, need to start thinking about bringing in more loads of compost and mulch from the township park's depot of free materials.

I still need to finish digging over the new Rock Garden; I got most of it done before the snow hit, but there's still a small section untouched and then I need to cut a neat edge around the whole enormous bed. PLUS, I am determined to dig out the center "gully" where two huge rock ledges poke thru the ground. I can use the soil to build up the depression in the center of the new Winter Garden bed and also to build up the front edge of the Top Border.

If you've noticed, there's one recurring theme throughout this whole "plan." DIGGING. Lots and lots of Digging and hauling of heavy wet clay soil. Funny how easy that seems, sitting here, sipping tea, watching the rain fall and the fog roll in. "Hm.mmm... Yes. I'll put a new bed THERE (30 X 8 Feet) and extend this HERE (50 x 3 feet) and then move this (TON+) of soil out this gully to over THERE..." *LOL*

Things that seem like a piece of cake in the planning stage have a way of becoming soul-crushing month long struggles in the implementation stage.

Rescued a very sad looking Betta fish. They really should not be allowed to sell these poor creatures as if they are decorations and not living suffering animals. This was at the hardware/pet store. He was the last one left (maybe they wont' be selling anymore), sitting there in a tiny plastic jar with dust over the top of the water. Horrible. The owner let me have him for only $2 because he was so sad looking. Got him home and now he's in a nice big glass container with his own private rock to hide behind. I'm going to have to get some gravel and more rocks, etc. today. I don't know why it did not occur to me to buy them when I got the fish, but there you go. He seemed surprised to find out he could actually move around. He spent the first couple hours just gliding serenely around the whole big bowl. Poor little guy.

If I could figure out where to put it, I'd love to have an aquarium. Nothing exotic. Just some nice little fishies to watch.

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