thequeen770's blog: Catching up after a few days away

Posted on Sep 29, 2016 12:34 PM

So good to be home! I love traveling especially to visit with family but it is always good to get back home. The first thing I see pulling into the driveway is my side (deer) gate lying bent and broken in the yard. I put it back up but I think it could use a little more attention. They must not have noticed the red Million Bells on their rush by.
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The deer must have come from the back greenbelt area in a big hurry! This is the first time we've been away since putting up the gate. The deer must have made themselves right at home. Two piles of deer berries in the front yard and they really enjoyed the sweet potato leaves but did not touch anything else. So much for my morning omelette.
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I am happy I moved my poor Hibiscus from the back, where the deer nibbled away, to the front patio right before we left. There are many new leaves...maybe I will get a bloom before frost...I live in constant hope...ahh, the life of a gardener.
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I also transplanted Brad's Begonia (a gift from my friend Brad) from a small seven inch clay pot to a 3 gallon plastic pot right before we left. One of the thick branches broke off so I just stuck it in the new rich soil and waited to see if it would root. It's easier to do things like this just before a trip then you don't have to watch it everyday and stress over whether or not you did the right thing. I do not know the variety thus the name.
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One final look at my tomato plant. I pulled all but one plant out because they looked so bad. I should have pulled them all. This one had several green tomatoes so I wanted to give it a chance. Yet another mistake. The soil in my new garden area must be just terrible so my next project there is amend, amend then amend. Fall is coming and so are the leaves. I have some worms working hard as well so again next year will be better. I will also move the tomatoes to a new locations, against the wall may not have been my best idea...I don't know. I will get to the forum and do some studying before spring, I will also get a few soil test from around the yard so I really know what is needed. No photo of the tomato it's just too sad to view.

To end my gardening day on a happy note, I've included a this beautiful urn. This is variegated ivy and yet another fern I do not have a name for. This Ivy has been in this urn for 10 years with little or no attention or water. It also had tall Mondo Grass in there too. In April, while my Mom was here visiting, we cut the Mondo and Ivy out of the middle and pushed the Ivy to the edges. I took out as much old soil as was reasonable and replaced it on the edges leaving a big open space in the middle. I have several 10 inch plastic pots, all exactly the same, and left space for that pot. My plan is to replace that pot with different pots throughout the year for interest and color. This winter I plan to put in an azalea because it is evergreen. Maybe I should get a small Rosemary and shape it into a Christmas tree. That would be pretty. I'll work on that.
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