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Posted on Oct 27, 2016 7:10 AM

It occurred to me yesterday....I seem to spend quite a bit of mental time thinking along the lines of "It would be really nice to..." or "wouldn't it be great to..." (Fill in the blank: Win the lottery, find God, travel the world, understand everything, live in an English Garden, etc....) But yesterday, while outside on a perfect late October afternoon, it came to me that what I truly want is to live in grace. Just live in a state of grace. To be at peace with the world and able to accept my life as a journey; as Willa Cather said "The end is nothing, the road is all." It doesn't matter what comes at the end....eternal life, rebirth,'s the getting there that matters. And it's not just the getting's HOW I get there. Do I want to get there trudging thru life, worried, overburdened, anxious, angry, bitter? Or do I want to get there clear-eyed, calm, and compassionate?

I guess I'm getting to that age when I find myself tending to look back and although I by no means led a dissolute life, I do wish it were possible to go back to my 16 year old self and say "live in grace. Don't be self conscious. Don't be so always afraid that you don't fit in. That you won't be loved. That you're not like this or that... It doesn't matter. All that matters is try to always live your life with grace and in grace." It would have avoided so many problems, so many mistakes, so many heartbreaks.

So...let's just say that the next 40 years (I'm aiming for 100+) will be a journey to find my own state of grace.

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