Calif_Sue's blog: And then there were three

Posted on Nov 7, 2016 1:58 PM

They warn you not to name your chickens, don't get too fond of them, don't make them your pets. Yeah, yeah, that's all well and good. For others.

Big ruckus in the coop at 7:30 yesterday morning, not their usual squawking, threw my robe on and ran down as fast as I could only to find my favorite, Lily, the Speckled Sussex, laying on the coop floor and big ol' Daphne, the white Orpington, missing. A trail of white feathers over and along the fence, through the open apple orchard, across the street and into the neighbors yard clearly indicated that she was breakfast for some one, most likely a raccoon or a fox. Lily was alive and although I could find no visible injuries, clearly she was hurt. I placed her in a box, talked to her and petted her, she opened and closed her eyes, lifted her head on occasion but from her breathing and shaking, clearly she was suffering. Hubby was out of town so a friend came over to end her suffering and bury her in the garden for me. My stupidity in forgetting to close the coop door last night led to their loss, although it was already daylight when it happened. Lesson learned. Brad promised to add a wire top over the entire run.
And despite the drama, my ever faithful Rosie, the Rhode Island Red, laid me an egg later that morning.

I am surprised how incredibly sad I am today. It's only chickens after all.

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