Zella's blog: So Nice Outside!

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 9:12 AM

Today the temp is supposed to reach 65/66 right now it's 56 and it feels so good I feel like opening a window! My mom would probably kill me cause the heat will kick on if indoors goes under 66 :/ I wonder if I can figure out how to turn off the heat? Fresh air is important for everyone's health.

Speaking of health:
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My decapitated scarlet o'hara morning glory is still doing well. I think it was good I kept the starter leaves from touching the soil by proping it up with twist ties (you know the kind you get for garbage bags?) It kept the leaves from staying wet and rotting I think.

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This is a picture of my polka-dot plant cutting. I think these are roots. I curious if they are good enough roots for me to put it in soil? :/ I don't know...

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As you can see from the lid of this container these are lilac cuttings. I think the right term is hardwood? I took them a week ago on the 17th (also on the lid)
I'm using an old pretzel container to house it so it gets a lot of humidity. From what I read light right now isn't too important, just keeping it warm is.
I wish I took a photo when I first did this. The leaves weren't opening and honestly I didn't think they would... at least not this fast. I guess I created a mini spring season for the sticks?
When I first put them in I dipped them in powdered root hormone so fingers crossed they root. But I am thinking the nods below where the leaves were at the base may grow since they weren't really there I didn't break them/cut them out... maybe I'll let lucky and since they are under the soil and coated with root hormone they will just turn into roots and not leaves... who knows this is just attempt 1. Like in the movie "Meet the Robinsons" keep moving forward!

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