dogpack's blog: Treasure Found: plants and gardening

Posted on Feb 9, 2012 2:14 PM

<p>I have found treasure!</p>
<p>I wanted to share my excitment of finding the treasure of plant and gardening friends, help, and adventure because I found this forum. :-)</p>
<p>I have had the pleasure of meeting many new friends who have the same passion for plants and gardening that I have.  This is extremely important to me because I am challenged in several ways.  I can't imagine why I can not have a drivers license.  Being legally blind shouldn't be an excuse; after all I'm very good at driving people crazy. :-)  I use a power wheelchair which should give me the privolege of having a license.  And, to make things more of a challenge, I have hearing loss, so driving past noisie trucks should be less of a problem for me.  Now why in the world, if I'm so well qualified shouldn't I have a drivers license? :-)</p>
<p>Most of my traveling is done via getting rides with my aid or a friend occasionally.  The rest of my traveling and visiting is accomplished using my computer and the internet.  I'm very, very glad I found this forum.</p>
<p>MY excitement has grown as I've descovered new friends, information and help with house plants, and even a place to write which is another of my passions.</p>
<p>Back to the drivers license again for a moment.  Bella is my service dog which I'm positive this should entitle me to a drivers license, don't you think? :-)</p>
<p>Well, ok, how about a license to grow plants?</p>


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