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Posted on Jul 16, 2017 1:06 PM

Too much to do – too little time!

Has it really been four weeks since my last post? And here I was thinking that I could keep up with a bi-weekly blog post. Well so much for good intentions although I must say, it is the first that I have missed. There is just so much going on but I only have myself to blame. DH is forever telling me that I make my own stress and honestly, he is quite right! It is as if I am taking one step forward and two steps back all the time! Adding two tasks to my to-do list but only removing one! But ..... I am happy and that is what counts in the end.

Now that we have had some good rain again after the two very hot weeks at the end of June, I have seen another spurt of growth and the garden is looking good again.
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/ddc08c Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/69d903

The first rose flush is over now and looking back I would not rate this as one of the best! There was just too much damage from the late frost and the hot dry weather also didn’t help. I have just finished giving all the roses a second feeding and hope that it will give them a boost!
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/1def1b Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/b6516f

My trial beds and pot ghetto!
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/12b6d7

We finally decided on the shape of the new bed which I mentioned in a previous post and the first steps towards realisation have been taken.
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/98311f
The robot mower had to be moved. This involved emptying the wood troughs, moving and refilling them with amended soil, and then reattaching the mower cables. Yesterday, I sprayed the lawn which has to be removed with Glyphosate and will cover the entire bed with black plastic as soon as I get the mower border cable repositioned.
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/da9c3c Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/d6d80b Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/535957

June/July is also a good month for cuttings so ...... I took cuttings. Whether or not they ever get planted in the garden is another story! This year I did some carnations, lavender and heuchera. I also potted up a couple of iris rhizomes. I only had a couple that needed dividing and just didn’t have the heart to chuck them.
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/1504d5 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/6e57fd

Last year, I added to my Lilium collection. Up until now I have only had yellow and orange. My mistake was buying them at the discounter because I think all were incorrectly labelled. Anyway, I now have 6 new NOID Lilium....
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/acaefa Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/de0890 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/2c9de8
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/78925b Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/443045 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/807bec

I was also so impressed by the daylilies posted on this forum last year that I ordered a couple from a German grower. All correctly labelled! Just goes to show doesn’t it – you get what you pay for!!!

Little Girl (entire plant – bloom), Barbara Mitchell
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/2772bd Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/c27e2f Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/476b50

Blue Sheen, Byzantine Mask, Caribbean Affair
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/bd2139 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/6908ba Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/5b0b04

Elegant Candy, Peggy Jeffcoat, Pink Damask
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/228776 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/07c6f7 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/b3659c

Roswitha, Sammy Russel, Second Glance
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/6e6dfc Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/a310bb Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/0d02be

Siloam Ury Winniford, Sultry Siren, Super Purple(?)
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/866471 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/2cef62 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/2a36dc

Another plant which really fascinates me is Sempervivum. They seem to thrive in the most unexpected spots. The one in the first photo is growing on a concrete wall. I only have 6 or 7 different NOID varieties. They always seem to be sold as ‘varieties’ here, even in the nurseries!
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/6cd191 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/bbdab9 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/6a0fc6

A couple of other pretty plants that have bloomed during the last four weeks...
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/c9ba70 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/bdf30a Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/ea50ff

Four of my empty trial beds, intended for future iris and rose-seedlings, are temporarily displaying some pretty mixed summer annuals blooms. Besides poppies, alyssum, convolvulus and many others, I was surprised to see Gilia tricolor commonly known as Birds-Eye (second row, first pic)
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/37d5cd Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/745993 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/9fc3d7
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/535c0f Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/5f1c4a Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/98ee94

I love taking photographs of my garden and the plants that grow in it. It is also a great way of keeping track of my rose seedlings. When it comes time to culling, I search for all the photos of a particular seedling, do an ‘evaluation’ and make a decision. I have a lot of red seedlings this year and have had a hard time getting my photos to display the true colour. I use a FinePix HS20EXR which has met all my requirements up to now. Our DD, on the other hand, has a NIKON D5000 which she kindly let me use to make a comparison. Actually, she has been on at me about the quality of the photos from my camera for ages!
The reds and blues are definitely better .... left FinePix – right NIKON
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/8c00ca Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/2c51c0

But what amazed me even more was the quality even when viewing the photos at 150% magnification, they are still clear! I think I might just be writing to Santa .......
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/294c3f Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/c67b85 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/27b6f2
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/33463b

Update on a couple of florist roses which I grew from cuttings. The cuttings were stuck in December 2015, rooted by the end of January 2016 and potted up in March. They were then planted in the ground in July last year and survived the winter to bloom again this year. I am not saying that all florist roses will do well in a Zone 6 garden but it is worth a try. I think the orange is absolutely stunning!
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/d5e5ea Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/4ff2ae

Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/afc229 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/94ba20 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/46325a

Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/2ef2e6 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/e016a0

Looking back at what I have written it doesn’t sound like I have done that much work in the garden. But, like everyone else, there are the other garden chores like weeding, cutting edges, dead-heading, cutting back and cleaning out and not to forget, watering the umpteen seedling pots. I have also started grafting my seedlings onto the rootstock which I potted up in February. Sorting out photographs is another time-consuming task. So never a dull moment in SunnyValley!!

To end – I would like to share the fact that my first rose has been registered and I am honoured that a local rose grower is going to trial it. The big European hybridizers may frown on the ICRA registration but I feel very proud to have a rose that I have bred officially documented.

Official registration of ‘Adorabelle’ bred by Sharlene Sutter
Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/8e3fd3 Thumb of 2017-07-16/sunnyvalley/172d9b

Until next time .........

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