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Posted on Aug 22, 2017 6:37 PM

This is the time of year gardens in this area look their best, in my opinion. Right now, in the later days of August, I have many things rooting and propagating. Either for more additions to my gardens of things I really like, or to give as gifts and in exchanges. I love being able to multiply and share what I already have going.

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This is my huuuuge christmas kalanchoe that has grown so much it's falling out of its pot! I have about 10 of these growing for other people. and I've taken about 10 babies out and replanted them in different places. Some in pots and some in the gardens. These have always done great, indoors and out, for me.

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These are just a few of the kalanchoe plants being propagated for exchanges.

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This is my little garden buddy, well one of them. He loves to watch whatever I'm doing with a very inquisitive stare, like this one, ha!

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Zinnias are always long lived here in the south. These probably need re-potting badly, but I haven't quite gotten around to that yet. I save all my seed that I can get from my Zinnias. I love having them ready to go once the spring rolls around and not having to go out shopping for them. I try to save seed from everything that I can honestly.

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I love Dahlia's. I can't even express how much. These are a dwarf variety, and the plants have stayed slap full of blooms all season long. Grasshoppers have started eating on them now, and I'm trying everything to run them off, at least to something I don't love as much as I do these!

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This is an African Milk Tree. They are new to me this year, but they seem to be doing pretty good. I got them as cuttings and was a little worried about them at first, they seemed to take so long to root. But, they've now got roots holding them firmly in their home and have had new growth spurts, so hopefully all is well with them.

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I've had hit and miss luck with Gerbera Daisies this year. I had approx 25 of them at the start of the season, 9 are left now, and only about 5 look really good. This is one of those 5. It's beautiful though. I really didn't remember these being such finicky plants. My mom used to use them everywhere. But, I haven't had the luck she did, sadly.

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This is something else new to me this year. Ice plants. But I'm officially hooked on them, and can not get enough! I started with this one that I bought on sale, for $1 because the garden center of Lowe's had almost let it die. And it came back and has thrived! To the point that I've bought 6 more lol.

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Petunias and Creeping Jenny. Both of these have done really good this year. Petunias are starting to fade out a bit, I think the heat might be getting to them at this point. I know it's getting to me!

A few garden views:
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Thumb of 2017-08-23/pretty_paws_29/b5860f
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As always, August sunsets never fail to impress. I will end this blog entry with tonight splendid sunset!
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