Faridat's blog: Thoughts and questions about estimated hardiness zone

Posted on Nov 19, 2017 3:52 AM

When I first logged into the forum I followed the USDA hardiness zone, not the European one, as it was not an option.
But after researching my specific country, city, and part of the city climate, I decided I probably fall within the European 9b to 10b categories.
Those categories are not but a very basic guide to follow, one should always remember that even within a CITY, the zones are never the same!
Plants living in the concrete filled structure centre of Athens have got nothing to do with some of the areas on the suburbs, and even the suburbs have nothing to do with each other, for example on the North suburbs, which can easy get some decent snow days in the winter, have got nothing to do with the near the sea microclimates, which are more tropical by nature.
So, I am following the hardiness zone, based on the European chart, but I am keeping in mind the AHS heat zones, as one the major issues in the city that I live and the specific area of the city, is the excruciating heat waves that make our summers scorching.
I have to bear in mind that it is those specific factors that make the use of the Zones kinda problematic in my opinion. Other factors are the humidity ones.
The climate here is dry, I quote Costas Portocalos in the famous movie "dry as a toast". You can have some humidity in the late fall and in the winter, but most of the months the climate is benign to hot to scorching hot and dry.
We still have to have a more accurate and organized Hardiness and AHS system, the only map for Greece that I found
is so general, that it didn't even include the Islands! wow, is this uber general or what???

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