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Posted on Dec 1, 2017 7:42 AM

I started beautifying my plants. I have a long way to go, some of them are still in the nursery pots, adjusting
to their new home. I am thinking to leave those who do not seem root bound, that is with the exception of the Zamioculcas and the Philodendron Super Atom, which are seriously in need of new pots.
I decided to only get pots that are super appealing to my taste and not so and so, as I will keep my plants mostly in the living room and I want to love every part. I still have some beautiful terracotta pots, but they have to wait until my plants get bigger, right now they would be overpotted in these.
I purchased plant labels and so every plant has one in its pot. I will gradually start to beautify them more, by different "mulch" on the soil surface, but not in all the plants. I have to feel and see the soil in some. But I guess it will be alright for the Succs.
I wanted to get my hands on a big, bold Sansevieria, I only have a compacta, it had two pups, but I will have to wait for that. I already got like ten more plants these days. IKEA has got a lovely silver and not chunky gravel which I want to use for my succulents, but I want to also find more options, so I'm searching.
No sun today, I wanted some sun to make the transition easier for my Croton, my luck...
And I now have a Tillandsia, never had one before.

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