Faridat's blog: Update on my plants in December-new additions, maintaining older ones

Posted on Dec 9, 2017 1:41 PM

An Aphelandra squarrosa came home as a present from my dh. He is not a knower on plants,
so he just got this in an impulse, as he thought I'd love it. Which I do. But it's a very demanding plant,
requires high humidity and is better for terrarium or greenhouse conditions. Nevertheless, I love this one
and will do my best to keep it alive. Currently it's flowering, has four flowering stems with the most amazing
shape, from which little lemon colored trumpetey flowers emerge. Unique!

My other addition is a Gold dust Croton, I love Crotons but did not have much luck with them some years ago.
Trying to maintain moisture and humidity, while giving enough sunlight each day.

My succulents are doing great. My Portulacaria afra is so lovely and she has grown for me much since I got her.

My Tillandsia cyanea gets more of those purple pairs of flowers, which do not last long at all, just a couple of days
but they are a beauty to see.

I pruned much of my Tradescantia zebrina, it had gotten so large and heavy in her hanging basket.
I have put some of her cuttings into water and I hope to have another hanging basket with the same plant soon.

My Pothos plants are also doing great, albeit being rather slow growers. Their new leaves are still a neon bright color,
they will get their variegated appearance as they age more.

I see the best of responses to my care from the Chamaedorea elegans a relative gave me when he moved.
It has already opened a big new leaf and is on her way to six more! She was getting such a poor treatment for years
on a row, that now she is responding with almost a gratitude.(Yes, I know this is anthropomorphic, still I see them as
kind of kids that need care-my attitude towards having plants at home).

My Ficus benjamina is not only stabilized but having new growth, it's amazing what a difference it's showing since
I got him home. The Ficus nitida is more hardy, so I knew that this would survive from the start. He's also doing great.

My beloved variegated Ficus elastica has a new leaf unfolding these days. Still, he is poorly looking with his lower leaves
now gone, but what to do, he is healthy now and that is what counts.

The Spathiphyllum is also doing good, I keep this in a bright but not getting direct sunlight place in the room
and I am careful into providing some humidity.

My Mamie Croton is also having some baby leaves, it should be interesting to see if I can provide him the necessary
conditions for it to flourish. I keep him nearest of all plants, along with my succulents, to a South facing window,
he needs the sun, but also he loves humidity, so a pebble tray is doing some of the work needed to be done. But I'm sure
I will need a humidifier when the hotter seasons are here.

My Ivy canariensis is also doing good, this guy needs a lot of water, cool conditions and clean air. I try to give him
the best of all possible. I pruned some of the long stems and I am rooting them in water.

In the bedroom I am rooting a Dracaena and I have my Chamaedorea metallica, my Zamioculcas zamiifolia and my
Sansevieria trifasciata there, they are all doing fine! I have my mind always to keep the temperature moderate, when the heaters are on I am on the edge, ha ha. Yes, it's alarming, I don't want them to dry on me!

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