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Posted on Mar 11, 2012 6:42 PM

<p>"sound like you know what you're doing, until you know what you're doing".</p>
<p>That's our motto at work these days. After a 3 week crash course I'm now fixing, or pretending I know how to fix, televisions, telephones and internet devices.</p>
<p>Mostly I just pray that I hit the right button.</p>
<p>A couple of times I've forgotten to ask if they're calling from their home phone...that's an important piece of information, because it seems that when I send a reboot signal to their modem it cuts off the phone...oooops....hello? hello? hehehehe</p>
<p>Just get through the call, floor support tells us. One call at a time. Remember, they can't see you. They don't know you've got your hand in the air wildly gesturing for help. They don't see it when you open the wrong program. Just make small talk, or put them on hold until you get your balance. Just get through the call. One call at a time.</p>
<p>I find it totally mind boggling that I can push a few buttons up here in Canada and fix a television issue in the deep south.</p>
<p>According to Hubby, I'm apparently starting to develop a slight Southern accent...</p>
<p>I've been yelled at and called some choice names that would make a sailor blush.</p>
<p>I've also made a LOT of people happy. The two sisters, aged 94 and 96, for instance. They'd sat down to watch the tv and it wouldn't work. She told me "all we've got to look forward to at this age is our programs".  I took a deep breath and told her "no problem, I can get it fixed for you in no time at all". I hoped...</p>
<p>Imagine my surprise when, 10 minutes later, she announce that it was working again. She was thrilled, and knowing from our conversation during the wait that I was in Canada, announced that "I'd vote for you as President of Canada" LOL!! I didn't have the heart to tell her...</p>
<p>And I moved on to the next call...</p>
<p>And the next...</p>
<p>And the next...</p>
<p>And guess what? It's getting easier, and little by little, I'm beginning to know what I'm doing...</p>

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