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Posted on Apr 2, 2018 3:19 PM

The weather has finally improved. All that continuous heavy rain and thunderstorms has moved away. We are still in an unusual southerly wind flow which means a lot of humidity but at least the yard is drying out and work can get done. Temperatures are rising.
The weather did not depart without gifting us with a supercell thunderstorm middle of last week. I watch the weather radar. It approached from the south west along the coast and moved slightly inland as it came towards us. The radar showed a narrow branch of heavy rain coming down the road. The main storm moved past on the other side of the highway. My wife and I braced ourselves knowing we were going to have 15 or 20 minutes of strong winds and heavy rain, and that is what we got. A couple of pieces of plastic roof blew off on the front deck and one small tree fell in the back yard. To our north we could see approaching blue sky and to our south complete black clouds and rumbling thunder. Weather alerts were in effect for a severe thunderstorm warning with winds of 60mph and small hail. The storm moved quickly down slope to Hilo where three homes lost their roofs. Being fascinated with weather I went out and watched the edge of the supercell passing over. You rarely see that shade of deep blue sky against a massive storm.
Since then gardening has been good. I cleared a garden area in the forest that had been disrupted by Hurricane Iselle a couple of years ago. Still have a good selection of gingers, Camelias and Azaleas growing, just need to remove the weeds and fallen trees. All my paths in the forest are just about back to their best condition that existed pre hurricane. Still have some pig fence to repair beyond second gate.
Over the past two days I have repotted the Amorphophallus (voodoo lily) bulbs. They were showing signs of waking up so each pot was tipped out, small pup bulbs removed and the parent bulb put back into fresh soil. Some grape size bulbs from last year had grown to golf ball size and some bulbs had grown the baseball size. Ended up with about 120 pots, a few more than last year, and two trays of pups that I will allow to grow for next year. I still have about 100 pups that I will throw into a small space in the forest and they can live or die. They will likely live and provide large bulbs a couple of years from now. Should get some good blooms and foliage come end of May and June
Next I have to clean up my Canna Lily pots and get Gladioli bulbs cleaned up and into pots.
Almost completed cleaning up the orchid cactus pots. My neighbor gave me 15 pots of good size Orchid Cactus plants last week. He found them to much work and I offered to give them a home. Lots of buds coming. Should be a good year.
Amaryllis are still giving us blooms. 16 so far this year.
Pond number three has a leak but seems to be holding at about 1 foot deep (half full) so fish are safe for now. I will have to wade in, bail out the water and move the fish. Then put in a new liner. Not up to that this week.
Grass is starting grow faster so more grass cutting to do. All plants are showing more rapid growth as the days get longer and warmer. Good to see but more work.

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