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Posted on Apr 6, 2018 5:07 PM

I just watched the most amazing time lapse video of a garden coming to life. It's only about 4 minutes long, but it's breathtaking. I highly recommend it:

Today was a garden day. I got a load of laundry up on the line by 8 a.m., then got right to work finishing up that big South Border Extension project. There was still a pretty large area of grass to dig out and now that's done. From way below the garden shed in the West up and around the shed, along the north side of the veg, along under the big old antique apple and all the way up the hill to the Top Border, the bed is now completed. It's now a nice unbroken, sweeping line instead of jigs and jogs and broken bits of beds and lawn. It took more or less all winter. There's still an area to be dug out near the garden shed, but that will wait until warm weather because I want to pave that section. I wanted to get the rest done so I could begin planting in it.

All the sods from this morning's work went into building up the "dip" at the end of the driveway, where the asphalt ends. Now there's no longer a drop off there; I will need to get some nice sifted topsoil in to even out the lumps and bumps of the sods, but it's a big improvement and I was surprised to see that most of the sods are actually "taking" and turning into nice green grass again.

Before calling it a day, I also got the central circular bed in the veg cleaned up (mostly just raking out the dead lamb's ear...I swear that stuff looks like dirty paper towels this time of year) and also shoring up the edging so it's a circle again. Then I dug out a big patch of couch grass from the perennial border in the veg...that's been one of those little jobs that I've been meaning to do forever and now it's done. In the process, I lifted a clump of daylilies and divided it. One half back into the same spot, the other out into the newly extended South Border bed.

I've decided to follow Aspenhill's lead and start making up a weekly To Do list. But first I think I need to take a pen and notebook outside with me and just wander around jotting down all the things, big and little, that I need/want to do. The bigger things I usually remember, but those little details that I really would like to do...things like lifting that clump of daffodils and dividing it...I forget by the time I move on because something else catches my eye. I think jotting it down would really help.

You know, sometimes being a haphazard gardener has it's own rewards. This time of year, I am constantly being surprised by stuff coming up where I had no idea anything was growing. I spotted three nice clumps of phlox down in the rose bed and only then remembered that way back in the fall I got them, more dead than alive, on a clearance table! They are up and growing beautifully ...I only wonder what color they will be! Also, and this one is a real mystery, there's this perfectly GORGEOUS blue flower (just two blooms) growing in the little Crescent bed by the deck. I have NO IDEA what it is or where it came from. I am racking my brains but really can't remember buying/planting anything like it. I sort of looks like a bright blue geranium. What the....?

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