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Posted on Mar 25, 2012 1:09 AM

My Mom and I visit the annual Flower & Landscape Show every year, we always have a good time, browsing plant and garden related booths and checking out inspiring garden displays.

Just a few highlights from the show:

Hypertufa containers with embedded bottle and glass.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/009ca3 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/8d0224 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/53e383

A succulent wall panel, made up of many of these smaller panels:
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/c5684a Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/7bbdfe

One of my favorite nurseries, Gold Rush. Always great plant displays, bronze and chartreuse shades are some of my favorite color combinations.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/18cd6e Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/284517 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/0c671c

Sweetwater Nursery, great for heirloom veggies, my Mom picking up a pepper and a row of heirloom tomatoes:
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/7da591 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/3e5f96

Vertical veggie wall and some cute stepping stones
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/cce6af Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/537fa1 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/d22121

And this landscaper does beautiful work with stacked rocks! Took lots of shots as it was so interesting.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/aa814f Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/30dec4 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/77a40b
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/a032d8 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/02d291 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/20c2cf

This was a nice seating area, enclosed on 2 sides with large recycled windows. The stone table trickles water from the center out over the entire stone. I like how they set a few pavers in the gravel. They made the orange tops with lengths of outdoor cloth, threaded onto poles. Easy to make wood bench and stone seating made a nice outdoor 'room'.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/95de78 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/bbac74 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/8c503b

A recycled old truck over a pond, one headlamp is the fountain.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/ae382e

This was an over-the-top sherbet colored display that used several fun elements in the packed veggie and flower garden. A little too busy for me but some ideas would be fun, maybe even for a kids garden.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/85d428 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/d55ecf Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/ccc7ec  Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/d9c3fd Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/d18453

Pallet recycling is popular nowadays and they made a shed from several pallets with dry brushed paint and whimsical touches.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/a18110 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/656d21
and this was a cute idea, painted gutters with nylon fabric 'rolls' filled with planting mix and various lettuces and annuals.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/4225b8 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/f82420

Had to eest my eyes after that last display! Here's another pallet use, a succulent table. Here's the DIY link for this exact table.
Succulent Table

Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/c4b994 Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/39da3d Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/52bf52

I drove home by way of the Embarcadero St. in SF, hoping to catch a glimpse of the super tanker that was coming in, missed it by 1/2 hr. (The ship is almost a quarter mile long or about equal to the height of a 55-story building. It is the largest container ship ever to dock at any seaport in North America.) Check out these cool photos, in one photo you can see Alcatraz Island behind the ship and another, the city of SF, which really shows the size of this massive ship.

Since I missed it, I took a shot of the GG Bridge as fog was rolling in, by the time I crossed it, it was almost completely shrouded in fog.
Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/63aeac Thumb of 2012-03-25/Calif_Sue/ad2f80

Here's a blog link below with more write up of the garden displays and better shots.

San Francisco Flower garden Show

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