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Posted on Jun 2, 2018 5:49 AM

Unfortunately, the world as we speak is running out of fresh water. Even though the Earth has a massive amount of water, only about three percent of it is usable by humans. This means we already have a limited amount of supply of water and that supply is decreasing every day.

Fortunately, new technology has risen and it needs to be immediately implemented. This relatively new smart irrigation system is called the GreenIQ smart controller. It controls irrigation and saves water.

What is the GreenIQ smart controller?
Essentially, this smart controller is used to prevent water wastage. It uses a system that tailors watering schedules and run times automatically. This is great for landscapes that have specific needs. This smart irrigation system operates on a preset programmed schedule. This program contains a timer as well as weather and soil condition monitors. This way it can adjust water usage based on real-life conditions.

For example, if outdoor temperatures increase or rainfall decreases, a smart irrigation system like the GreenIQ can consider on-site variables to make proper adjustments. There are several options a smart irrigation system can make based on variables like soil type and sprinkler application rate.

How does the GreenIQ smart controller work?
The GreenIQ smart irrigation system adjusts landscape watering schedules based on the weather. It uses past, present, and forecasted weather conditions before making changes. It can collect data from multiple sources so your landscaping will be perfectly watered. The multiple sources include companies like Weather Underground and Dark Sky. They are forecast companies that GreenIQ integrates with. Also, a few private weather stations are integrated such as Netatmo and Davis Instruments.

The GreenIQ smart controller can be used while you are not even there. Your farm or garden can be watered without you having to go anywhere. The system is automated so it takes care of everything for you. The algorithm used to initially develop GreenIQ is continuously improving. It is capable of compensating for inaccurate forecasts. For instance, if the weather is forecasted to rain and it doesn't, then the GreenIQ smart irrigation system will increase the watering cycle on the next day to avoid under-watering. The algorithm optimizes water usage by factoring weather, soil, and vegetation conditions.

In addition, the GreenIQ smart controller takes into consideration variables like temperature, humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation. A user programs the irrigation system to cycle according to the hottest season. This program is considered to be one-hundred percent of the irrigation cycle. So, that means the GreenIQ app will report water savings based on this program.

Benefits of using GreenIQ?
Today, everything is about smart technology. From TVs to phones, everything has to be able to think for itself. The same applies to your farm or other landscape. You always want your plants to have the right amount of water. Never do you want your plants to be over or under watered. GreenIQ can make sure your land is never getting watered too much or not enough.

Plus, using GreenIQ saves water. It makes sure you aren't using water when it is not needed. Keeping that in mind, you will pay less in water bills, therefore, saving money. After seeing people across the planet already experience droughts, one can see the importance of saving water. By using smart irrigation systems we can be a better example of how to spare water. Our water resources are precious so there is no need for any to be wasted.

You can rest easy when you are away too. Through the power of intelligent control and automation, GreenIQ can always make adjustments even without your help. And, when you come back, you can always make adjustments simply by using the GreenIQ app.

Help Save Water
Today's water supply is slowly wasting away. To utilize the little water we can use to our best ability we need to start using smart irrigation systems. GreenIQ can sense when it rains or snows, so it can adjust water cycling accordingly. On the flip side, GreenIQ can increase water cycling when there is no precipitation or low amounts of it. Distribution uniformity of water is important for any land so it can stay healthy. Meanwhile, you are saving water for when it needs to be used.

Save water across landscapes by using the smart technology of today. GreenIQ can save water and money. It provides the necessary amount of water for any landscape and can be easily adjusted to your everyday devices. Using GreenIQ can prevent droughts for your crops.

The choice to help humanity and save water is in your hands. You can help simply by switching to a GreenIQ smart irrigation system. It can help your finances, crop yield, and total water usage. If you think the GreenIQ system is right for you do not hesitate and order one today.

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