dellac's blog: Because daisies.

Posted on Oct 2, 2018 5:22 AM

You know what it's like. You're just doing your shopping. Really. Just groceries. Maybe loo roll. Impulse chocolate. That's all.... But there they are. Those bright, beguiling, smiling eyes.

Daisies. Osteospermum. Each year they flock to supermarkets to prey upon weakened shoppers - gardeners. Gardeners going about their weekly chores in the mundane world, deprived of the supportive colour, leaf forms and scents of their home; flooded with a sea of disorienting marketing and bipbips.

"Hey there!" They call. "We'll save you! Grab us! Wheel us round in your trolly. Look at us! Talk to us! Take us home! C'mon... you know what'll happen if you don't... pssstttt... they don't water us here" :'(

And, well... before long you have a collection. Because you can never have too much sunshine in life. And daisies are awesome.
Thumb of 2018-10-02/dellac/71d693 Thumb of 2018-10-02/dellac/bd20aa Thumb of 2018-10-02/dellac/894901
Thumb of 2018-10-02/dellac/642f93 Thumb of 2018-10-02/dellac/13bd7c Thumb of 2018-10-02/dellac/ee8ea6
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