dellac's blog: A lovely garden. Sunshine.

Posted on Nov 8, 2018 6:45 AM

Isn't it wonderful when gardeners share the worlds they create and we can explore their paradise? What a gift!

A garden is an iteration of all that is good and beautiful (or tortured...unresolved!) in the soul of its creator: a very special thing. When you come into those places I think you're welcomed into the landscape of another human soul, and those places are incredible. Some are strictly regimented, some are wild, some bounteous, some spare, some a fiesta of colour, some subtle or subdued, some full of fun and folly, some stern... gardens are people in all their varied forms.

While I wish to expand my focus and capture more of those gardens we create, when I find myself with a chance to practice photography, I find myself focused on the floral vignettes. On the portraits of flowers and features more than their habitat. I still have so much to learn at this scale! Maybe, rather than the forest, I'll always find myself photographing the trees... even when it is the forest I wish to convey! Is the soul of a garden evident in each of its blooms? I wonder.

These pictures were all taken in a lovely garden near Hobart. One of those lovingly created places that feels special. As always, any comments are welcome. Let me know how you find these images - what works, what doesn't. I hope you enjoy!

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/4be080

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/fb0a41 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/1059db

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/30a668 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/5e73f2

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/88132b Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/b0806e Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/2e0e00

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/b3cdf6 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/2be5c3 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/be2334

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/55a23e Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/6c27d4 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/4a6e8e

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/812586 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/a3f2dd Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/1d81cb

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/e0ab0c Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/2d4a55 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/d4586c

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/9eabb5 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/618959

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/420720

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/32e12b Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/97f041 Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/05b64a

Thumb of 2018-11-08/dellac/a85472

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