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Posted on Apr 7, 2019 3:30 AM

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Using LED grow lights is becoming increasingly popular among cannabis growers. It is a concept that has not been around for long but the yields that come from it are immense.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you use the wrong approach. Many beginners end up losing hope because they fail to understand how best they can use the available resources to make their plants thrive.

Most of the issues in a grow room are related to lighting. It is not just in the LED lights you pick but in the way you use them as well.

In this guide, we are going to share 10 mistakes that many do and which you need to avoid at all cost. Paying close attention to how you use your lights will ensure greater yield for you.

Avoid exposing you plants to too much heat

LED lights and any other types of lights are huge heat emitters. You may think you are offering the best support to your plants when all you are doing it expose them to more danger.

Too much heat is deadly to your plants. How do you know the plants are taking too much heat? The first sign you will notice is the when the plants closest to the lights starts turning brownish. It begins with thin outline on the outside of the leaves followed by further damage. The moment you notice this, it is important that you take the initial steps and change your light position.

Consider using lighting styles that spread the lights evenly through the room. Doing so will not only ensure maximum yield but will give you easy time to manage your grow room. Use proper ventilation as well to manage the situation before things get worse.

Insufficient lights

When we talk about too much heat in your grow room, we do not mean the amount of LED you use. It is all about how you set the lights.

Insufficient lights on the other hand are giving your plants too little light. Many people fail to come with a proper lighting plan because they don't look at how many plants they are putting up at first. It is very important that you consider the scale of your operations. How many plants do you want to grow? This should help you determine how many LED light will be sufficient to illuminate them effectively.

For instance, a 2000W LED is sufficient for a yield of about 100 grams. Having enough bulbs is therefore essential in giving your plants what they need.
Be careful not to expose your plants to too much heat. You may be having a great idea about your lights but all will be in vain if the plants die from exposure. Make sure therefore the lights are arranged in a manner that spreads the lights evenly.

Distancing the lamps too far or too near

What is the proper distance for the grow lights? That is a question must definitely find an answer to. Your plants need sufficient light, and that is where trouble begins for beginners. Then, you need learn where and how to place your lights.

If you position them too close, you will be exposing your plants to too much heat. That in essence means you are killing them. It can result from having too many lights as well, but most importantly where you place them.

If the lights are too far, it will be as though you are suffocating your plants. There is no universal rule to how far the lights should be but you need to understand your room. Generally, you are advised to place the lights 12 to 18 inches away from the plant.

Do not use inferior products

There is so much that goes to getting the right grow settings. Each component is important and must be used with the best considerations. Among the most important factors is lighting. It is the light that triggers photosynthesis from which you get great yields.

When buying the LED lights therefore, do not go for inferior quality. If you want the best out of any business venture, you must be ready to invest.

If you are still using the regular incandescent lights, perhaps you are not yet ready to get the best yields. Your plants will not be strong enough and perhaps fail to hold in the ground.

For best results, use full spectrum LED grow lights. They are specifically designed to offer your plants the best conditions. The may be costly, but they are worth your input.

Using the wrong spectrum

Your plants need different lights consideration at every stage of their growth. You will achieve this much easier when you use full spectrum LED lights. If you select the wrong spectrum, you plants will fail to grow altogether. Plants need the blue spectrum to perform well in the vegetative stage. Exposing them to red only hinders their growth.

Don't set the wrong light schedule

This is another area that many people fail. Scheduling your lights wrongly can have severe effects in the plants. You don't need to have the lights on all the time because that will be more catastrophic. Consider having the lights on at night only because that is the time the sun will be out.

Don't forget to adjust the lights

Once they have set the room, many people forget that there is light adjustment as well. Remember that plants will keep growing and increasing in size. That means they will be moving closer to your lights with time. Get ready to always adjust the light setting appropriately.

Forgetting to protect the LED lights

Do not only focus on the benefits and forget where they are coming from. These lights are your ally and you need to take proper care of them. Little maintenance and preparations should not be trouble for you. Set a proper stabilizer and connect the lights well to control voltage.

Too much watering when changing from HIDs to LEDs

Regular lights produce more heat than LED. When changing to LED therefore, do not overwater your plants assuming they have the same effect. LED lights emit infrared, which is more of light and less of heat.

Forgetting other factors

Since we have talked so much about lights, one can assume this is the only important factors and forget all. Well, that is a mistake. Make sure you have a good balance of everything in your grow room.


There is no doubt, grow lights are an important piece of grow rooms. If you are aspiring to produce the best, you need to put in the best. Consider setting them up correctly and avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

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