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Posted on Aug 25, 2019 7:03 AM

Every time I read a post where someone whines about a bug, I am saddened. Sure, it can be frustrating to have bugs on plants you'd rather be left alone, but birds eat bugs, and without bugs, we'd have no birds. The world would be lifeless without bugs. When we first came to this nightmare of a yard, it was riddled with disease. There were no bugs in the soil, which is a very bad thing indeed. However, the ancient, dying apple trees were crawling with insects, horrifyingly so. I remember sitting at the window wondering, what on earth could I do to save the trees? They were destined to die, and soon. As I was lamenting, a huge flock of tiny birds descended upon the tree and in about fifteen minutes, every last insect was gone. They flew off, but they came back the next day and cleaned the next tree. They came back each day until all the trees were bug free. I thought, thank you, I am so glad I had bugs you could eat. We have worked really hard to improve the soil and to increase the habitat for the birds. Every year, the birds come back and every year, there is more food in the yard, so they stay longer. While there are some bugs I cringe to see (I am not a fan of stink bugs,) I leave them for the birds to dine on.

When we were kids, our neighbor's tree was engulfed with tent moths. They "did" something about it. I had often wished the moths had come to our yard, not theirs. What we would have "done" would have been to watch the caterpillars hatch and to watch all the birds come to eat them. I will never understand the obsession of others to poison the food of the birds.

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