Sallymander's blog: Oyas indoors

Posted on Oct 7, 2019 4:05 AM

I'm really excited about oyas. I read about them years ago, but only recently got a hold of any. I used them outdoors in the summer. I would not say they "save" water in the traditional sense, in fact, it seemed I used more, but that may be just because I was more aware of the amount of water I was using. I will say, it is a more efficient way to water and the water that was used went to the plant intended, and not down hill and out to the street. I really like how the weed seeds do not have a chance to sprout because the top layer of soil doesn't get wet. I like that a lot. And I love how healthier the plants were. I plan to order oyas for next year's garden and put the hoses to rest.

As the weather changed, I didn't want the oyas to get frozen in the ground, so I brought them and replanted them in with my larger indoor plants. For the outdoor use, I had come to suspect that gravity was pulling water out of them and I was a little worried, they might leak out onto the floor if used indoors. My indoor pots are large and I don't have trays under them, making watering a tedious affair. I am glad to report, the bottoms are dry. I fill the oyas up once a week, and have no problems. The plants are looking the best they have ever looked. I had gotten away from having indoor plants, in part due to the space issue, and in part, due to the watering issues. Oyas have taken care of the latter, now all I have to do is get the boys to come home and get their "stuff" out of the house and I will have taken care of the former! :-)

Hubby was concerned they would take up too much space in the pot, but the plants don't seem to take issue with that, so I don't think I shall either.

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