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Posted on Oct 13, 2019 5:48 AM

You know how it is, you read something that is only part right, and it bugs you, right? Because the person talking has better media coverage, so folks think they must be right, right? But they aren't.
In this case, I'm referring to the "eat less meat" campaign that believes eating less meat will save the planet. Well, they aren't wrong, but they also aren't right. Consuming less of everything is good for the planet. Less food, less plastic, less electricity, less gasoline... the list is nearly endless. But I draw the line on less meat. Why? Because meat is food for the soil: feather meal, bone meal, blood meal, fish meal, oyster shell, and we haven't even gotten to manure: steer, llama, goat, rabbit, chicken, horse. The soil would die without animals. We don't need fewer of them, we need more of them. What we need to do is change the way we raise animals.

I noticed a few comments on Allan's talk discussing methane remissions of animals. By the comments rational what we show stop growing are beans. Animals aren't allowed to flatuate, but humans are?


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