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Posted on Apr 23, 2020 7:17 AM

The COVID-19 lockdown is getting really old Glare and like everyone else, across the US of A, I've got cabin fever Sighing! but thankfully I can play in the gardens!! Hurray! Hurray! Many across the country are getting anxious and staging protests at their state capitals to get back to work. It's completely understandable from both viewpoints. They want to work, but the President and Governor's want to make careful and informed decisions to protect the health of us citizens. BUT, as Tucker Carlson pointed out last evening, state governor's are getting power hungry, and in these unprecedented times, us citizens, as a whole, are the victims of one great big experiment. I can tend to agree, but that's as political as I'll be and no more than I'll accept, here in my NGA blog.

After many a previous weeks of digging and preparing daylilies for early shipment for three orders from my sale, including one very cold day, of which it took me four hours to warm up inside, even though I was wearing three layers of clothing and under two blankets, the weather on Monday, April 20th was absolutely gorgeous, and I FINALLY had time to do other things in the yard and gardens! Hurray! Hurray! First up was cutting down the ornamental grasses. I also cut the edge of the new forbidden garden pathway extension that's closer to the kennel and removed sod that remained inside and under the bricks of that garden. I'm starting to build the forbidden garden despite Sparky's objections. Whistling Whistling Green Grin! Angel

I'm planning to rearrange the anchor plantings of the forbidden garden bc Sparky said he feels a bit claustrophobic with (I think) the taller, wider plantings located more toward the house, starting at like 10 feet away from the kennel. The kennel itself gives a closed in feeling when on the patio, bc it's 6 feet high, so it's not helping matters. Glare I want nothing more than to get rid of that darn kennel and build a deck in it's place!! Once it's replaced by a deck, it will feel more open on the patio. The current anchor plantings are the start of a friendly living fence border. The current placement of the Zebra Grass, Maiden Grass, and Arborvitae are the "back" of the border, when facing it head on, but I get what he's saying, as I evaluate from the vantage point of the patio. This is a hard lesson in the physical feeling of landscape design, as human beings. It just isn't working in the current arrangement bc most of the time this border is viewed from the patio, not straight on, so the closer plantings should be skinnier, when the goal is taller plants for privacy, and further away, as taller plants, they should get wider in my particular application. This takes a lot of thought for a friendly, private living fence that's meant to block our view to the neighbor and visa-versa. I can't move the wider Zebra Grass toward the tree bc it would not get enough sunlight, so most likely it will move to the back corner and perhaps further up our side of the nice neighbor's side of the yard. These locations should allow 4-6 hours of sunlight. Smiling Finding taller, wider shrubs or evergreens, that thrive in part to full shade has been most difficult. Glare

This will be a challenge between Sparky and I, in regards to vehicle accessibility to the back side of the property Glare and adding more gardens (although small) but I think it's a reasonable solution, and if he kvetches, he'll just have to live with it. Whistling Whistling Green Grin!

I will also move the two Arborvitae that are closer to the back tree, up to join the other one, in a row. They will also get more adequate sunlight there, and with this planned placement, they will block the view to our patio from Jerkwaad's gap in the fence by his garage. The Arborvitae are slimmer than the Zebra Grass but still serve the privacy factor, and with plantings of shorter perennials and daylilies, it will trick the eye in to feeling less claustrophobic. Green Grin! (more room for daylilies!! Whistling nodding ) The Maiden Grass will remain in it's current location bc it does a great job of blocking views from both Jerkwaad's driveway and the nosey neighbor's front porch across the street. Green Grin!

A couple weeks ago, I went all willy nilly and schetched up a fantasy living fence, including elevations, so I can compromise between fantasy and reality. Hilarious! I'm not imaginative/creative with plant choices and placement at all, so this is quite the challenge that I really don't have the patience for. D'Oh! Hilarious! Rolling my eyes. Rolling my eyes. We'll see how it goes!! Crossing Fingers!

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