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Posted on Apr 23, 2020 11:53 PM

It was drizzly on Thursday, so I didn't do anything, except collect markers for their labelling upgrade. I have the labels all printed out. Now I just need to prepare the markers with a paint pen before attaching the new labels. Smiling

I've had the following transplants weighing on my mind, so I put my mind to rest on Wednesday. Smiling I transplanted the yellow Adam's Needle from the East side family garden, by the garage, to beside the west half wall that's next to the front porch steps. I FINALLY found something to fill that area nicely without spreading roots, and to hide the corner nicely from all angles. Hurray! That corner has been nothing but an eyesore ever since I had to remove our inherited Iris from there, years and years ago. The iris died off bc that space has barriers on all four sides, and it's not large, so once the iris filled it up, there was nowhere else for the corms to spread. The Iris was so pretty though. Sighing! Anyway, the Adam's Needle is evergreen, which makes me even more happy!! Hurray! Hurray! It will certainly demand attention for guests and passerby alike! Green Grin! I then transplanted a hydrangea from the north side of the family garden to the east side of the family garden (the former location of the Adam's Needle) The hydrangea will be a nice late season feature plant to offset the daylilies. Smiling The Adam's Needle did brighten up that area, but it didn't have that wow factor bc of how low it is to the ground, and blooming daylilies overwhelmed it, making it look like there was just a gaping hole there. I was hoping it would bloom, but no such luck. Glare I think it's bc it only got morning sun, which I knew was a gamble when I planted it there. Shrug! It matured a nicely, but that's it. It's new location will provide full sun, and hopefully it will bloom this year! 🤞🤞 Once both plants were planted, I mulched heavily with a thick layer of dead leaves.

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