LysmachiaMoon's blog: Rain, Beltane, and Greenhouse is filling up

Posted on May 1, 2020 1:35 PM

Happy Beltane! First day of summer by the old calendar, time to start planting in earnest (or wherever you live...yuk, yuk, grin).

My goodness did we get the rain! I think we got about 2-3 inches Weds. night and all day Thursday. Today, Friday, it's sunny and warm, but the ground is so saturated there's no doing anything in the garden. I think that the general emergency and shut down have improved air quality even here in rural Pennsylvania, because I've been noticing that I can see things far off on the mountains that I never saw before. It's as though suddenly I'm looking through a lens.

I've moved most of my Boston ferns into the greenhouse after giving them a good soak. I'm hoping the nighttime temps will be warm enough for them, but if we get a sudden cold snap, I'll have a job bringing them all back indoors. Might just park them in the basement (carrying them in through the garage) if that happens. I do not relish lugging them all back up the deck steps and through the house, shedding leaves all the way. I think I need to repot most of them and possibly take some divisions; I don't think Boston ferns really get "rootbound" but they are overflowing their pots a bit. It's my opinion that Boston ferns are sort of "halfway epiphytes"...I don't think they really need soil except as something to hold them in place.

I've also moved most of the sweet potato starts into the greenhouse, and I potted up the catmint that rooted in water and a couple of the purple leaved sweet potatos (ornamental) that rooted in water. The greenhouse is really filling up.

If all continues to go well, I should have a lot of sweet potato plants this year; they usually do well for me if we have a hot summer, and even produce well in a drought. The veg is starting to really show it's stuff too...everything is up and going well except the first sowing of lettuce (I think that seed may have either been too old or the freeze we had a few weeks ago did it in) and the carrots: half of that narrow bed is growing well, but the other half, nada. I'm amazed by the parsnips. I never saw such great germination! I'm ashamed to say I had my doubts about buying seed from an Etsy site, but these are doing great.

I think that once the soil dries out a bit, I will go ahead and put in a first row of green beans, more carrots, beets, and possibly more lettuce. Also spinach. And I stil don't have my main crop of potatoes in yet, so that has to be done. In the greenhouse, I'm starting fennel, basil, and some more parsley.

This weekend's job is to go around marking trees/branches that I need to remove and jotting down their locations in a notebook. I need to rent a chainsaw sometime soon and get this done.

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