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Posted on May 23, 2020 12:17 PM

Well, Thursday, I had planned, and was looking forward to, pot up new daylilies ( I didn't get around to it on Wednesday bc I was too depressed D'Oh! ) and just when I put Ryker out, Jerkwaad pulled in to his drive with his (very nice) dog. He does not keep that dog on a leash, though, and after his dog jumped out of the truck, he came over to "visit" Ryker, and if it hadn't been for our kennel fence that separated them, it would have turned in to a bloodbath! Blinking Both dogs were in "fighting" form, growling and showing their teeth at each other. Blinking Blinking Angry After Jerkwaad called his dog over, I took the risk that he might turn around and get in my face, and I angrily yelled over the fence to him, "You know that there's leash laws!!!" and I brought Ryker inside. (Surprisingly, Jerkwaad did not come over and he said nothing back over the fence either Whistling ) I was so angry at Jerkwaad I was spitting nails, and I was shaking from fear (of the dogs wanting to go after each other) and my anger at Jerkwaad! Blinking Angry Angry It just wasn't easy to collect myself. Glare

Well, that incident triggered my depression and anxiety to such a level that I no longer had the desire to work out there any more. Glare D'Oh! I sat inside trying to motivate and force myself outside (bc I have A LOT of piled up work to do! Glare ) but I was unsuccessful. #&%[email protected]#&%!#&%! Grumbling I would not wish this condition on anyone! Sad Sad

After frantically searching my brain to find something from my to do list, anything at all waiting in the wings to turn my mood around, I wound up sitting down to continue painting some garden art that I'm making from repurposed items, and that did calm me down. Whew!! One more painting session and a couple coats of sealant, and they'll be done! Hurray! Hurray! Hoping to put them outside soon! Crossing Fingers! Crossing Fingers!

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