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Posted on May 27, 2020 8:55 AM

Today I'm working on my half-moon shaped Tropical Garden that sits to the east of the Greenhouse. This is a "pop up" garden because it's all tender stuff and everything disappears come October/November, into storage or into the house to overwinter. Last year big Castor Bean plants featured prominently...a bit toooo prominently. I had no idea they would get that big! This year, no Castor Bean plants (I forgot to save/buy seeds). Instead, I'm planting a half circle of tall red Canna, then in the center of the bed, my banana tree in a big pot. To either side, some Elephant Ear/Colocasias. That part is done. Now I'm going to play around with arrangements of potted ferns and some other house plants to fill in. I've got a very sad looking Mandevilla vine that I overwintered (it was planted in with the Banana when I got it from Lowe's). I've repotted it and I'm hoping it will take off and climb the bamboo pole I set in the pot for it. I've got a couple of a named variety of Boston Fern called "Kimberley"'s a much coarser and much more upright selection and I think they'd look great set up on posts...sort of like big green torches. I've also got a couple of Boston Ferns named "Macho" and they are also much bigger and coarser than the standard Bostons. Those would also look good set up on posts, like pseudo "tree ferns." I'd like to figure out a really nice way to showcase some calla lilies I have, plus some water loving peace lilies. I have a rough idea of what I want the Tropical Garden to look like, but it's going to be an all day "fiddle" to get it to work.

I got the brainy idea that a small section of bamboo fencing would look good behind the banana tree, just an "hommage" to the tropics...but I don't have bamboo. I do have five foot long sections of paper mulberry, about inch/inch and a half in diameter that I think might do the trick hammered into the ground close together. Will need to experiment with that...

Tomorrow, I think I'll get a big load of mulch to finish off the Tropical Garden...I can combine the trip to get the mulch with the week's grocery shopping. Can you believe the price of meat all of a sudden? Chunks of stew beef for $5-$6 a pound? Time to plant the kidney beans in the veg to use as substitute protein source.

Veg is doing well; the second planting of bush green beans is up and growing and the "Wisconsin" musk melon has come up in the greenhouse...the other pots of pumpkins and muskmelon aren't showing yet. If they don't germinate, it's because the seed is old. I'm really thinking I should toss most of my flower and veg seeds and start fresh next year. A lot of seeds I've planted this spring haven't come up because the seed is old. I keep saying Im going to toss them but I hang on...pointless.

The final of the rescue iris bloomed's an amazing rusty purplish brown color and the flowers are HUGE. Not going to be an easy color to work with, but I'm glad to have it. So, from the rescues I have one pure white, one bright orange, one purple and white, and this rusty colored one. The 'Grateful Red" that we bought in 2018 year and that flowered spectacularly last year doesn't look like it's going to flower this year. There are buds, but they are hollow and papery. I think the late freeze might have damaged them. The plants are healthy though and growing well, so next year!

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